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ith winter coming into the home streach Kat is planning her last batch of cookie production. The cookie queen has always made it a rule that her cookie production end in the spring of the year and begin again in the fall with the first official fall event known as Halloween. This year will be no exception as "The Kat" has already announced her final cookie production date of April 17. That will be the day she will make her final batch of cookies for the season for Easter Day 2014.
That day is traditionally marked by an Easter egg hunt at the Sobieck's modest two story home in the center of the Village of Hobart. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck and her husband Kevin create a haven for children who wish to perpetuate the Easter Day tradition of finding hidden eggs filled with candy and in some cases in the past, money. Whoops, look out don't eat the candy from that faded egg, looks like it's still there from last year. Although the Sobieck's have not yet announced the event one could imagine that it could occur again at the home which also hosts the prestigious annual "Turkey Bowl". After the dinner served by the Sobiecks guests are treated to "egg cookies"
prepared for the occaision especially by the Kat. Some other simple deserts also dot the table but most wait for the final production of the season's cookies to pig out on.

This year those driving on Florist Drive will be watched closley as the speed limit is only at 35 MPH. The Village lowered the speed to 25 MPH on the narrow road for the crowds of people walking the shoulderless street which also has no sidewalks to help promote safety for those attending the Turkey Bowl. The move was successful and no one was killed this year on the road in front of the annual sporting event. Some time after the game the Village Board gave permission to raise the speed limit 10 mph more for the remainder of the year. It is expected that as the next football season draws near the village will once again lower the speed to 25 mph.

As Easter Day draws near winter refuses to loosen it's tight grip on the people of Wisconsn as yet another round of cold weather is expected this coming week with no relief in sight. If the temperature warms and the weather becomes bearable a snow storm usually comes in to raise the exsasperation level to redline just to keep everyone in line. This winter has been a trial in survival for sure but as the sun goes higher in the sky it seems like it is becoming more powerful and soon before we know it winter will be gone.

Soon things will be occuring that will be news worthy so be sure to check back on details for the birth of the Pickett's new baby (Brandon and Clara) coming on March 17 and the annual Vic Ferarri "Symphoni on the Rocks" concert scheduled for March 8 will be attended by many and we will be there for a report on those attending the Meyer Theater event.

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The Sobieck's modest two story home nestled in the heart of Hobart welcomes guests for Easter Day but, keep it under 35!

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