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It's the annual Timber Rattler outing July 19, 2012
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers VS Dayton Dragons
Lot opens at 4 PM game time 6:35 PM, join us at 4 for tailgating

Promotions: Christmas Candy Bonanza
The ballpark will be decked out in our Yuletime finest and there will be a MEGA candy toss during the game.

Post game: Fireworks presented by Fox 11
A katandmick Photo
Joanne Poquette stands in the foreground of her home disappointed her loan is delayed

Pick a date for the Golf Outing
August 9
August 16

oanne Poquette was supposed to be unpacking boxes and setting furniture this weekend in her new home in Batesville Indiana, but a delay in her FHA loan caused a delay in the sale and her moving is on hold for the time being. Poquette, 61 was scheduled to begin work from her new home on Monday as well but that is also delayed and she continues to work from the Sobieck's.
Poquette's plan was to move on Thursday last and be set up over the weekend. With that plan now in ruins, no date has been set for the upcoming move being that it's all dependant on the loan. Furthermore things are becoming close at the Sobieck home where Poquette has been residing through the kindness of empty nesters Kevin and Trixie. The reason for the closing in feeling is the arrival of the Prevost family. Originally Poquette was scheduled to depart as they were moving in but the loan delay has road blocked the vacancy of Poquette's living quarters and her work room where her computer is for her daytime job. Bailey Prevost will be sleeping in the work room and Stephonia and Rick will be sleeping in the room next door. The entire upstairs bed accommodations are now occupied.

If that weren't bad enough the Sobieck boys who were living in a rented home on Fernando Drive were driven from their home July 1st. by the owner wishing to occupy the residence with a relative. Those two boys are now living in unoccupied space anywhere in the basement they can find among paint cans and Christmas decorations. Alex Pickett who also lived at the Fernando Drive home was able to secure a room with his friend and fellow Turkey Bowl player Tony Sturm. Sturm lives near Cranky Pats Pizza on the East side of Green Bay in the shadow of the WDUZ  AM tower. While WDUZ broadcasts with only 1,000 watts on 1400 khz., it's signal is heard far and wide due to it's efficient 5/8 wave antenna.

While Poquette is planning on an upcoming move in the near future, the Sobieck boys and the Prevost Family cannot confirm any date of departure. Uncertain circumstances of the boys future such as Justin's back surgery and Logan's employment prospects make planning an exit strategy difficult. The Prevosts who are planning to build a home have not yet begun the construction phase of their new mansion or even made arrangements as to where to get the animals for their private Zoo. Needless to say that if anyone were to move into the home the non Sobieck's would outnumber the Sobieck's themselves.

This coming Saturday is the game at Time Warner Cable Field and Fox Cities Stadium between the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and the Dayton Dragons. The parking lot opens at 4 PM which is when the tailgating starts. Bring your own meat buns and drinks. Cooking will be done by Kevin Sobieck and me. See you at the game, and don't forget to vote for your favorite date to have the golf outing. To date the August 16th. choice is leading in the polls by 100%