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Lance Pickett poses for a graduation photo
oday at 2 PM Lance Pickett graduated from West De Pere High School. Pickett 18, was able to finish high school and become a WDPHS alum earning his place in the history of the school. He is now able to return to the pleasures he was denied after spending countless weeks of being grounded from every device he owned because of incomplete homework or assignments not turned in.
Lance will begin classes next fall at NWTC in some type of computer multi media skills course. He says he has always liked to do video editing and seeks the abilities to do professional editing full time. For now Pickett will continue to work at his part time job of flipping hamburgers at the Dairy Queen. I for one am hoping that he will move up and be able to work at a better job, like Dunkin Donuts, which is still not open in De Pere by the way.

The graduation itself was similar to any typical high school ceremony and lasted for about an hour and a half. Parking and seating are at a premium at the facility and we were told numerous times to arrive early or neither were to be had. The room was packed for the 200+ graduation ceremony and as was normal in my time to have one student be the spokesman for the class this ceremony had no single valedictorian but no less then 5 students spoke at the event. Most notable was Tad Taggert who began his speech by putting his address on hold while he took a "selfie" as he spun around and included the grads and audience from the stage for his background. The unusual opening to his presentation was greeted with applause and hoots and hollers from the audience and students alike.

Other speakers included Principal Gerke along with the school board president who droned on about how good their school is and what a good job they did in educating these students. The usual clap trap of the mutual admiration society where they pat each other on the back.

The Pickett's are holding a graduation party for Lance this coming Saturday June 7, 2014 at their adequate Town of Oneida home located at W181 Janz Court beginning at 1 PM. There will be food and stuff. Boy I sure hope they have hot dogs, I haven't gone anywhere lately where they had hot dogs. Onions are a good condiment too for the hot dogs along with ketchup and most importantly mustard. For special occasions I like to have sour kraut with the hot dogs on a big fluffy bun. I'm not sure about the idea of bringing a dish to pass but one may want to check with Peggy and Bunky about such things. The evening promises to be an interesting one with a huge fireworks display put on by Bunk and the Kamke boys with many dollars spent on impressive fireworks. Those bringing small children are urged to watch them carefully after dark as the property is bordered by a woods where many creatures live, we would hate to have any children carried of by wild dingo's or a chupacabra.