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Earl Jr. falls in tub hits head and now can't remember siblings
A katandmick photo
It's the annual Timber Rattler outing July 19, 2012
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers VS Dayton Dragons
Lot opens at 4 PM game time 6:35 PM, join us at 4 for tailgating

Promotions: Christmas Candy Bonanza
The ballpark will be decked out in our Yuletime finest and there will be a MEGA candy toss during the game.

Post game: Fireworks presented by Fox 11
arl Poquette Jr. the third in line of the 16 children that sprang from the loins of Earl and Mary Poquette was injured this past week when he fell in the bathtub hitting his head and creating a golf bull size lump on his forehead. Poquette, 64 was attempting to get into the tub when he lost his footing and tumbled head first into the cast iron basin upsetting his water melon like skull and creating the lump. A quick inspection of the tub by his wife Pat revealed a dent but no cracking or holes were detected.
The story was revealed to those attending the graduation party of Lance Pickett,18 upon his recent graduation from West De Pere High School. About a dozen from the Poquette side of the family attended the affair which featured food and fireworks, the latter only after waiting out a short rain storm and achieving total darkness. The party was dominated by the Kamke side of the family with some relatives traveling as far as Kansas and Michigan to attend the Pickett party. A plethora of food was set out at the home in the kitchen most important of which were the  grilled hot dogs. Two kinds of dogs were available along with the full range of condiments and puffy buns to encase the hot dog and the users choice of condiments. A cold breeze set in at dusk sending attendees to their cars or homes to don cool weather gear a cover up bare skin before the 30 minute fireworks show began. Most of the Poquette side vacated ;the event by 10 PM but the Kamke crowd partied on into the night, no one can say the Pickett's don't know how to throw a party.

While Poquette insisted he was uninjured in the fall into the cast iron human kettle, those in attendance witnessed him walking around in circles with his hands in his pockets and clueless as the the names of his female siblings, often confusing their names. The girls took to reminding him every few minutes just who they were slowly repeating their names over and over. Poquette angered by their insolence raised his voice in disgust warning them that he was all right and ending the warning addressing the sister by the wrong name.  I took Earls side reminding the sisters that he often forgot things anyway and as an example I pointed out that even after selling his shop some 30 years ago he still goes to work there at least once a month.

Pat Poquette who quickly snapped a photo of Earl standing naked in the tub rubbing his head refused to release the photo fearing that we might use it on the KAMR. Of course we here at The Newsletter would never think of using an embarrassing or unattractive photo simply for a laugh.