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The Sobieck's have put up a sign hoping to attract even more renters since the home has become an island hop to other quarters for relatives
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It's the annual Timber Rattler outing July 19, 2012
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers VS Dayton Dragons
Lot opens at 4 PM game time 6:35 PM, join us at 4 for tailgating

Promotions: Christmas Candy Bonanza
The ballpark will be decked out in our Yuletime finest and there will be a MEGA candy toss during the game.

Post game: Fireworks presented by Fox 11
ince the Sobieck's have been living with someone in their spare bedroom ever since they had their first child, the middle class Hobart couple has now chosen to open their home up for a boarding house. The idea came to them after Joanne Lade who has been living with them since the sale of her elegant home in Allouez announced just last week that she would be moving out in early July to begin life anew with her daughter in Indiana. Upon the announcement, Stephonia Prevost claimed the vacated room.
Lade has purchased a home in the small town of Batesville Indiana where her daughter Aimee along with her two daughters and husband live. She made the moving announcement last week and states she will load her furniture and belongings into a truck, hook up a tow bar to the truck and pull her car down to the new location. Lade is able to make the substantial move because their employer allows their people to move to a different branch if they choose and work from their home. Lade who works from the Sobieck home now will make the necessary arrangements to work from her new home in Batesville.

Why then you ask are Rich and Stephonia Prevost going to move in with Sobieck's? You're probably asking have they lost their minds? All those dogs, and children, whirling in a circle going around in a circle in the house like a Tasmanian devil! Well as it turns out the move is out of necessity since the Prevosts have sold their plush, iconic mansion overlooking the Royal Scot Golf Course. They will need temporary housing until their new home in the hills of East De Pere overlooking the Mystery Hills Golf Course is finished. Since the new home, Xanadu has not even begun to be built yet, the couple is expecting to live with the Sobieck's for at least a year, or until the homes heating and cooling facility and the elevators to the third story are complete making the home livable. Prevost would like to hold off of moving in until the private zoo is complete but she fears that waiting until then might stretch tempers too thin thereby wearing out their welcome. With the sale of the former Prevost Mansion and income from Stephonia's job as a counselor funding for the new house is not near what is needed for Xanadu but Rick is a Plumber and if you had to call one of those guys lately then you see how they can pay for Xanadu. Below is an artistes rendering of the Prevost's new abode.

For the time being the Sobieck's have decided that with all the through traffic in their modest Hobart home that they will try to make a few bucks on the side and take in renters to augment their income since everyone else has been staying there anyway. It was not clear as of yet however if the pool is included with a month's rent.
Xanadu, Rick and Stephonia's new mansion in east De pere