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Dunkin Donuts opens it's new store in De Pere
It's the annual Timber Rattler outing July 19, 2012
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers VS Dayton Dragons
Lot opens at 4 PM game time 6:35 PM, join us at 4 for tailgating

Promotions: Christmas Candy Bonanza
The ballpark will be decked out in our Yuletime finest and there will be a MEGA candy toss during the game.

Post game: Fireworks presented by Fox 11
ince the beginning of time the one food that has sustained humans has been doughnuts. Now the most respected doughnut chain of all time has blessed our small city of De Pere with one of their stores. Everyone in the city stopped what they were doing to check out the new shop. 
While people struggled to get into the store and buy doughnuts the first week, I waited for a while for the line to go down. Even though I thought that I would breeze right into the store I was delayed a bit by an older man walking with a cane limping badly. After observing him for a few steps I determined that it was all an act to get into line before me, but since we were the only two entering the store at that moment I did not push him out of my way. I do advise however that if you see someone pull into the parking lot with a little wheel chair on their license plate you would do well to race past them to the door or they will hold you up, they already have an unfair advantage  by being allowed to park right next to the building. If after observing them you determine that they are faking it just to get attention or an advanced place in line, it is OK to push them out of your way.

After waiting for the aforementioned old man to finish his obvious fake act of confusion by the counter, I ordered my three doughnuts from the highly efficient wait staff handling the morning inrush of sleep depraved doughnutless customers. Three young ladies handled the process with one one working the cash register, one stuffing doughnuts into the bag, and one pouring your coffee, all with smiles and a thank you, and wearing gloves I might add. A far cry from the free for all across the street at Festival Foods, where anyone can come and rub their infected hands all over your doughnut minutes before you enter the store to get it. Even if they don't manage to touch your doughnut, who knows what's falling off of their skin or shirt when they reach all the way to the back of the clear plastic box to get that last cream cheese Danish.  

The facility is attractive and you wouldn't know it from the used bread store that it was for upwards of 30 years before DD. The interior is bright and decorated with a modern style. Upon walking in you immediately approach the doughnut counter with the cash register right there. If you choose to drink your coffee and have your doughnuts there, seating is provided at the front of the store, however only a few seats are available as no space is wasted in the facility. Even so, purchasing bakery across the street at the grocery offers no available space to consume your doughnut, and if you have ever gotten the coffee there then you already know that it's instant and it sucks.

Surprisingly the other half of the building is a brand new laundromat. The machines taunt you from the parking lot with their new shiny appearance, and one almost wants to get your shirt dirty so that you could try a load in those new washers. Brightly lit and easy access from the parking lot means that I know where I'm going the next time our washer breaks down. The other thing is that if you get doughnut glaze all over your clothes you can strip down right next door and get the stickiness out of them before leaving De Pere.

Ashley Hansen was unable to jump out of the groove of having girl children this week and produced a third female child. Hansen 32, had the baby on Thursday. Remy Elizabeth is seen being held by her father Mike Van Den Heuvel in the hospital. Hansen, who had a baby just last July forgot that she could get pregnant if protective measures were not taken and became impregnated right away after the first scheduled session. Van Den Heuvel couldn't be happier though and is pleased to have his three daughters. Their first daughter Jordyn was so excited she hacked into her grandmothers facebook account, Jean Poquette-Seidl to express her joy over the successful birth.
Ashley Hansen forgot she could get pregnant
Mike Van Den Heuvel pleased with third daughter