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athy Pickett co-writer/editor of this publication has accepted a position as a bus operator for the City of Green Bay. Pickett, 60 says she has dreamed of doing this job since she was a little girl and watched Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleeson) on the Honeymooners come home every night from bus driving. Pickett who was impressed by Kramden's hat always thought it would be cool to
drive around wearing such a hat. Since she will no longer be providing a product or service needed by the private sector, her employment as a government worker is deemed "non producer" by her brother Dave Poquette.
Kat answering back after getting a lecture from Ralph Kramden as I listen in the background
A katandmick photo
Pickett will be leaving Lamer's Bus Lines after driving school busses for them for over 35 years. She has given her official notice on Friday and will be done at the company March 14. The company located in West De Pere said they will be sad to see her go but mostly what they will miss is her endless supply of cookies that she treated them to on every holiday. Even though it is sad that she is leaving this employer after such a long time there is a bright spot, Peggy Pickett will be taking over her runs including Kat's former noon run allowing Peggy to keep the bus at home as agreed to by Lamers.

Kat's new job will be a little hectic at first with her running routes from the "extra board". That's a system whereby she will actually be filling in for drivers that are off sick or on vacation. She will be doing that for a while but it is expected that with the age of their drivers, many will be retiring soon opening up a permanent route that she would drive all the time. The hiring process has been ongoing since December when she applied for the job.

Alex Pickett and Logan Sobieck have made a deal to move out of the house that Justin Sobieck is renting on Hobart's fashionable Fernando Drive. The cousins have been living together at the modest two story home since sometime in December. Logan was the first to take up residence with his brother shortly after returning home from being bullied in Wyoming.  Sobieck decided to take in Alex Pickett not too long after but they had to wait a bit until he severed relations with a former girl friend in the Howard area.

The reason for the separation is unclear but what is known is that their was a great crisis at the home after their tank of propane fuel used for heat was depleated shortly after the first of the year. The trio managed to cough up a few more bucks for fuel but by now the supply is almost exhausted again. The three are unable to come to an agreement as to which body is soaking up the most heat. Portable electric heaters have been pressed inot service to provide the necessary heat for the home during the fuel shortage.