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A katandmick photo
Grandma Kat and Grampa Mick each take their turns holding their new grandchild Alayna
otification came in the early morning hours of Friday that Brandon and Clara Pickett had indeed made a mad dash for the hospital. The couple grabbed their "go bag" stuffed with wads of cash, guns, and multiple pass ports to make a break for the hospital only to realize they had grabbed
the wrong go bag and none of the things they needed for baby delivery were available for them. Brandon made a trip back home to retrieve the needed items and return the "secret" go bag after safely delivering the expectant mother to the birthing center only to receive a text that he was to return at once to witness the delivery.

Alayna was born around the noon hour according to Pickett who was delighted the long ordeal was over and things were beginning to settle down. News of the baby's birth was deliberately withheld from the media as the couple decided to speak with, and have family members in first. Second and now middle child Lucie Pickett was excited as the baby slept in her crib and told of how the baby was to come home with them and live with the family. The eldest child Ashley was delighted to hold the child and smiled and admired her newest sister as she sat on a short sofa in Clara Pickett's hospital room. Ashley was looking forward to leaving on a trip with her father today for  Branson MO.

Val Snell Tingley and her son Tyler were visiting when we arrived,  Tyler obsessed with twisting himself into a mummy while twirling inside of the privacy curtain near the edge of the room, stopped frequently to come and pet the baby's hair and curiously gaze at the infant.

The child began to fuss as it awoke and father Brandon quickly mixed a potion and put it in the child's bottle but after 3 oz. Clara suggested he not to feed her too much because she had been spitting up a lot and the doctor cautioned them not to give her too much of the potion at one time. The child continued to fuss later and he gave her a few swallows more to calm her down.

Clara and the baby are to return to their plush Town of Lawrence home on Whistling Wind Drive this afternoon and begin several weeks of family leave. Clara Pickett is the Village of Allouez Financial Director and will return to work in about 5 weeks.

Joanne Poquette returned home on Friday frazzled after traveling for more than 16 hours. Poquette who went on vacation with her daughter Aimee to Florida's Disney Land spent the week with the Richey's and their two children. The couple invited Poquette to vacation with them but limited the trip to only a week citing job responsibilities and financial obligations.
Upon returning Poquette faces the arduous task of preparing to vacate her home should the pending offer on her property go though. While the deal is not yet complete it is in the final stages and she should know this week if she will have to begin packing. If everything goes through she will be moving out by April 11.
Joanne Poquette's home, once the love nest of Tim and Joanne Lade,  located on upscale Ravine Way in Allouez now to be sold
A katandmick photo