Jean Poquette Seidl and Jane Poquette Hansen and Kiel and Kevin Sobieck enjoy the pool at the Sobieck home  in Hobart as the Village board considers a tax on twins
The News for Sunday May 25, 2014
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ecoration day is upon us and as many do in northeastern Wisconsin people are breaking out their bathing suits and summer wear with the nice weather upon us. Such was the case at the Sobieck home in the heart of Hobart a beautiful but overtaxed village in the west end of Brown County.
The Sobieck's decided at the last minute to throw a pool party and invited friends and family to their modest two story home on Florist Drive. The street was named years ago when a florist actually made a living near the end of the road just before County Road E. The name remains even though the florist went out of business some thirty years ago. He eventually died of old age while waiting for the village to change the name of the road. Few people showed up, probably because of the inadequate preplanning of the guest list but those that did splashed around in the pool and played water basket ball. Some just stopped in for a few minutes and left again as we did and also Judy Treml who is often bothered by facial spasms.

Treml also mentioned that she is having a party for Decoration Day as well and invited all those who attended Kevin and Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck's party to attend hers the next day on Monday, which is the actual day that Decoration Day is observed. Treml extended the invitation to all those who attended last year as well and stated that she has this party every year. I for one can't remember her having the party last year and I don't think I was there if she did. I will probably go this year after my work commitment, if there's going to be hot dogs. If she did have it last year and I was there I would have remembered the hot dogs, so if she did have it there must not have been hot dogs so if I was there I wouldn't remember it anyway. If there were no hot dogs last year and that was made public before the party then I probably didn't go. Hot dogs are a pivotal point in my memory process, all successful party's must at some point contain hot dogs. Of course copious amounts of condiments in an easily accessible area near the hot dogs are also a must. If the right and proper amount of condiments are not available then why even bother to taunt us with hot dogs I say.

Treml spoke for her sister Mary Ann "Doats" Meeuwsen as well and stated that the party is not only to honor those who served our country but also to celebrate the graduation of her daughter from law school. Chrissy Meeuwsen got her law diploma several weeks ago and will be on hand to greet everyone at the Treml's party. It is assumed since the Meeuwsen's are celebrating the graduation and inviting people to the party then they too are helping out with the food. I could not learn if they will be providing hot dogs as well, and if they are will they be of the same variety or will they be a different brand? Will they be skinless or of the old fashioned type? Treml mentioned that the party is to begin at 1PM and those wishing to bring a dish to pass are encouraged to co-ordinate their efforts with Treml herself. The Treml daughters couldn't be reached for comment to find out if Judy Treml again was a cleaning Nazi before the party.

The De Pere Mr. Doughnut is nearing completion, and as the article in the Press Gazette mentioned they will be opening the end of May. That is this week, but the sign is not yet up. Let's pray they finish in time to have fresh doughnuts this coming weekend. I wish they would serve hot dogs too, it would seem like the perfect combination.