Eileen "Trixle" Sobieck lays awake in her hospital bed waiting for the word to go car shopping
The News for Sunday November 2, 2014
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Mini Mouse took over the De Pere bus route on Halloween night so the regular driver could go trick or treating
A  Poquette-Seidl photo
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or at least one night the Green Bay Metro bus, number 17 "The Brick Line", that serves De Pere's west side was driven by Mini Mouse giving the regular driver the night off so she could go tick or treating. Mouse, who was created in 1928 and is now 86 years old, was spotted driving Friday night as seen in the photo above filling out her log in front of Shopko on the De Pere's 
Broadway street. The bus makes a scheduled stop at the store to meet with another bus that serves the east side of De Pere and provides a route to the downtown Green Bay terminal. Mouse had few words when asked how she liked driving the bus responding "It's OK."

While it was clear that the mouse donned her usual attire as seen in the movies, it was noticeable that the friendly vermin did not wear the usual high heals we are accustomed to seeing when she performed with Mickey in the movies, when asked why she wasn't wearing the heels she replied "I ain't doing that!" That made one wonder if the rodent was indeed the genuine Mini Mouse known to all or someone posing as the girlfriend of Mickey. No other rodents were close by to verify the identity of the bus driving vermin, so giving her the benefit of the doubt the bus driving mouse drove away with her passengers.

Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck is recovering from having all of her mommy parts removed on Tuesday of this past week. Sobieck who had had a uterine disease for some time was told she should have been in a lot more pain than she was but she said she had some pain but not enough for her to be concerned. Nevertheless Sobieck had all of her female boiler plumbing bypassed and the boiler removed. She was discharged on Wednesday and after one day of recovery Kevin her husband rousted her out of the house to buy a car. The parts removed were four times the size they should have been and will be analyzed in the hospitals lab, she will have the results soon but nothing unusual is expected to turn up. Sobieck says she is in little pain but is sore in her neither regions where they made small incisions to remove the nasty parts. The couple did purchase a Ford Escape on Friday. Their old car was not traded in and will continue to serve as a back up vehicle.