Logan Sobieck seen in the background as ball carrier Brandon Pickett is grabbed by the jersey
The News for Sunday November 9, 2014
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Logan Sobieck seen center in black gloves will sit out  TBXV because of his injured knee
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ogan Sobieck will go under the knife before Turkey Bowl according to sources close to the Blue Jell-O's star receiver. Sobieck a veteran of the annual game played at Poquette Field injured his knee at work weeks ago and was trying to rehabilitate himself before the big game but damage to his knee cannot be repaired with out surgery according to his doctor. Physical therapist
Brittany Rezek encouraged her youngest brother to go ahead with the surgery before the match up despite his plea's to remain on the team for opening kick off. Rezek acts as the teams medical trainer along with her duties as the sound slut.

This is not Sobieck's first bout with physical injury, he began with bad luck when he was just a small boy when he was severly bitten by a dog and had to have his leg rebuilt in the hospital. Parts of his leg remain without feeling to this day from the attack and he approaches all dogs with caution. Another incident where he jumped off of the basket ball hoop to the ground resulted in his breaking of both feet, but he failed to report the incident to anyone no doubt because of embarrassment and by the time his parents found out it was too late to do anything about it. During cold damp weather his feet will ache. And finally as reported last year in The Newsletter  Sobieck was the victim of an attack by his room mate who punched him in the face for not bringing him a beer, leaving him with a broken jaw, and the prospect of sucking his pourage through a straw for six weeks. None of the other injuries have left him unable to play in the past but this incident definitely will.

Dave Poquette and Betsy Glover will make the trek from Clarksville Tennessee to participate or at least watch the Turkey Bowl on it's fifteenth season at Poquette Field. The couple who made the same trip last year will again come to see the sports extravaganza  in person. Poquette who does color commentary on the fields PA system helps me as I do play by play in the press box on the side of the field. Brittany Rezek AKA "The Sound Slut" helps with the music in between plays and filling in when there's a break in the action.

Other notable dignitaries that will attend from other states are Joanne Poquette who will be coming from Batesville Indiana, the casket capitol of the United States, and Cheryl Purshock who will take the award for coming the farthest to see the game making the trip all the way from Roseville, California. Although Roseville is a well known and famous stop for Amtrak, Purshock will not be taking rail transportation but will travel by plane to the badger state. Purshock's husband Steve says he will not be able to attend the 15th anniversary of the biggest game in the fox valley due to his ailing back. Purshock a veteran player of previous Turkey Bowls says his back is injured and states it may be the end of his football career with doctors stumped as to what to do to relieve his pain. Purshock a retired Air Force officer worked in managing food preparations in various hospitals and medical institutions before become stricken with the back ailment.

The four people attending from out of state are all expected to be staying at the KAMR headquarters here in the Town of Oneida.
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