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The News for Sunday November 16, 2014
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Joanne Poquette and The Chris Richey Family have announced they will be attendingTB-XV on Thanksgiving Day at Poquette Field
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ust after Dave Poquette, Betsy Glover, Cheryl Purshock, and Joanne Poquette announced they will be attending the Turkey Bowl, The Richey Family committed themselves to attend the yearly event as well. Aimee Richey the offspring of Joanne Poquette along with her husband Chris and their two children will be coming to Green Bay and will stay at the
Tundra Inn. Amazingly the couple found a room even with a Packer game in town. Chris Richey is a farmer by nature but also moonlights as a cop for the state of Indiana and as can be seen above he gets the whole family involved with the chickens in his care. The Richeys do not attend the game every year but make a habit of showing up whenever they can get someone to come over and pick the eggs while they are gone. Normally they would depend on Joanne Poquette but she is also attending the game and will be unavailable for the chore. In cases like this Richey usually relies on one of his pistol packing colleagues to fill in in the chicken barn. When they are not available his dad takes over. As can be seen in the photo even Anya is in on the chores but the newest child Reese is not allowed to be around the animals most probably because she is too mean and may hurt the chickens. Even Chris Richey says that she is too mean and has to be kept away from most other normal children, she is allowed to play with all the Poquette offspring however. 

David "Peter" Poquette's attendance to the Turkey Bowl is in Jeopardy according to a statement released by the Turkey Bowl color commentator this past week. Poquette says that he was required by a recent audit by the state of Tennessee looking at professional drivers to undergo testing for sleep apnea. Poquette who is somewhat overweight was told by the attending physician that he needed to get the testing done at once and was not allowed any grace period to get the test done. Poquette says that almost everyone he has talked to who got the procedure done says that they usually give them a three month extension to get the tests done.  This doctor told him that he could not give him an extension and he would have to get the testing done before he could go back to work. Poquette is trying to get the testing done but is having a  hard time getting in anywhere on short notice to get it done. Furthermore if he is given a clean bill of health after the testing then he has to go back to work right away and his vacation will all be used up. If the tests show he has the apnea then he will have to get fitted and tested with the machine which will require more time, but if that scenario plays out then he probably will be able to attend the game between tests. Everything depends on his test.
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