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Dave Poquette cuts a tree to make way for a building at the KAMR headquarters
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
ave Poquette will be at the Turkey Bowl this year, as a matter of fact Poquette is in town already. Poquette and Betsy Glover arrived at the Dick Poquette residence on Saturday at about 3 PM. As you recall Poquette's turkey bowl attendance was in jeopardy when his CDL was pulled several weeks ago because of his impending sleep apnea test. Poquette said that
he has not worked since November 3rd when the doctor giving him his examination for his medical card for his CDL rejected his application due to his body mass index which was over the limit for signs of sleep apnea. Poquette's CDL was immediately pulled and he was given a class D license pending the outcome of the tests. Even though he has never had sleep problems while driving new federal guidelines forbid the attending physician from approving a license request for someone with a high body mass index. Since that time Poquette has been living on his long term disability checks.

Poquette has already had the sleep test at a sleep study facility near Clarksville TN. but the outcome of the test has not yet been read by a physician thus Poquette has not been allowed to return to work. The technician reading the test has already told him to be prepared to be told he will have the condition and will need to have the machine. Poquette was told that if he passed the test that it would be deemed inconclusive ;and he would need to retake the test at his own expense. No one selected to take the test is ever allowed to continue driving with out being diagnosed with the condition, therefore making the entire process a scam.

Saturday afternoon Kevin Sobieck, Justin Sobieck, Logan Sobieck, and this writer worked to erect the press box, paint the field, and generally make the place ready for the Turkey Bowl. The two Sobieck boys who did their best to help both are recovering from surgeries to their back and knee with the elder Sobieck having the back condition. Neither boy will be able to play in the yearly sports extraviganza thus leaving the Blue Jell-O's without their two best veteran players. Subs will be sent to the team but nothing makes up for the years of experiance the two had with the blue team. Meanwhile the Red Gobblers published practice times for team members however it is reported that the team never actually met to have a session.

Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck who underwent surgery on her mommy parts two weeks ago is on the mend but not yet a hundred percent according to the Sybil Hopp aide who said that she has had some bleeding but basically feels OK and a little sore. Sobieck when asked by doctors what her pain level was said that it was about a 1 after the surgery.

Sobieck who co-ordinates the dinner preparations for the Turkey Bowl feast can't be held back when it comes to preparing for the day and plans to be at the center of the operation again this year. Sobieck: "I don't know if I'll be able to drink  but I can still have a good time in the kitchen." Jean Poquette-Seidl who just last year mouthed off at her Pumpkin Carving party and found herself wearing a blue cheerleading uniform at TB-XIV states that nothing will keep her from drinking this year and predicts a Blue Jell-O victory this year.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck on the mend from surgery enjoys a glass of wine in her private kitchen