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While Aimee Poquette-Richey's blood relatives were gathered in Sobieck Hall to give thanks and play football at Poquette Field her and her own family frolic in a water park in oldenburg Indiana
imee Poquette Richey registered a wordy complaint against the KAMR and The Newsletter on facebook several weeks ago regarding our failure to report her upcoming attendance at the Turkey Bowl this year. As I reminded her a press release needs to be forwarded to this writer before such reporting can take place, and as promised I delivered a stunning piece of journalism the following
The Red Gobblers pose for the traditional winners photo
A katandmick photo
week announcing her upcoming trip to Poquette Field and the family's impending attendance at the annual football match up. While in town the family was to stay at the Tundra Lodge and frolic in the water park connected to the upscale hotel.

The trouble came the day before game day when the family was to travel to Green Bay. According to Poquette-Richey the weather became too intense to risk traveling to the sporting event of the year and she cited 5 other times last year that her entire family was nearly annihilated because of wintertime travel. My thought was to immediately suggest that she let Chris drive who is a professional driver, however after remembering seeing several of the Green Bay City cops driving recently I reversed my decision on that thinking and decided that they (Indiana cops) probably received the same training. Knowing the lack of patience and driving skill Poquette-Richey has, I thought that maybe she had a point. But after the arrival of Joanne Poquette to the KAMR publishing complex who said that there were no delays and that she arrived hours before and hung out at the Sobieck home I decided that Poquette-Richey had looked for the slightest excuse to ditch her family on Thanksgiving Day. Then later she published photos on facebook of her and her family frolicking in the water near her home in Batesville where the family apparently had no problem making the 6 mile trip to Oldenburg Indiana in the "weather and snow" for a water park hotel stay.

With the two teams battling to take the lead during the game this year It became apparent the the last team to have the ball and score would eventually be the winner of TBXV. The hard fought game began on a cold snowy field with only the yard lines shoveled and re-sprayed with red paint courtesy of our field manager Kevin Sobieck. The Field had been sprayed in the traditional manner the Saturday previous and everything looked like it should until the weather changed November 25 and the field got covered with about 3 inches of heavy wet snow. After an attempt to uncover the white lines with a blower and broom it was decided that the previous lines were lost and Kevin got his machine going and re-sprayed with red paint. The lines looked great and and the field was adequately marked.

The cold hung on during the day but the second quarter seemed less windy and players managed to keep warm enough to stay out. The end came with the Red Gobblers on fourth and goal and a pass to the south end zone that connected seconds before the game clock ran out averting what everyone thought was to be a sudden death overtime. It was the Red Gobblers 35 and the Blue Jell-O's 28.
A katandmick photo