The Kat assists Emily Treml with helping Jean Poquette-Seidl to her feet after collapsing from overwork last year
The News for Sunday October 5, 2014
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The finished product of pumpkin carving is all that remains after everyone is done at Jean Poquette-Seidl's Greenleaf Home
o one is quite sure just how long the tradition has been in place but the annual pumpkin carving Saturday is just around the corner at the Seidl home in beautiful downtown Greenleaf. While the town of roughly around a hundred people pretty much ignores the event, Jean Poquette-Seidl prepares for weeks to accommodate those attending. Poquette-Seidl does not provide the pumpkins
does provide just about everything else. A clean warm garage is available with ample space at the table to provide a spot for about 12 children. Carving tools are laid out as if a complicated surgery were to take place, and plenty of garbage containers line the walls in the garage waiting for the pumpkins guts and pieces to be deposited in them. Cole Pickett who is sensitive to the gutting of the pumpkin often throws up at the sight and smell of the butchering of the pumpkins but when he is through he's right back in there carving away. The children are allowed to handle the sharp tools as long as they can reach the table and stand on their own, and ages range from toddlers to teens as the carving wars progress in the garage.

While the children are busy in the garage the adults graze at the island in Poquette-Seidl's kitchen, where oodles of food are provided. Poquette-Seidl goes all out providing her signature dishes for those attending. Guests can help themselves to home made chili along with sloppy joes served with your choice of chips. Often those attending have little room left in their stomachs and pouches after feasting on the dozens of snack items lining the counter of the kitchen. Everything from cheese sticks and veggie trays to Doritos and cheese and sausage trays tempt the guests to gorge themselves. Many of the guests eat so much that they find themselves out in the yard with Cole Pickett throwing up, and just like Pickett they get right back up on that horse and get another bowl full.

Pumpkin carving will be held this year October 25 at Jean and James Seidl's plush Greenleaf home at 6788 Crippen St. Greenleaf WI. Those coming from the west will be inconvenienced this year by road construction on Highway 96. A detour is offered that will take you 5 miles to the south where you will cut over to highway 57 which will then require you to return 5 miles to the north to get to Greenleaf. I suggest cutting off of 96 just after the bridge by the church on the curve on Fair Road which will take you in a straight line to Greenleaf. The speed limit is reduced but it is still much faster than the 10 mile detour. Once in Greenleaf, if you don't know where you are, call for directions on Channel 19 on your CB for Jeanie's house at 6788 Crippen Street.

As reported Sarah Poquette and Phoenix Daniels were scheduled to return home last Sunday from Delaware. No confirmation was given as to when they actually arrived but a U-Haul truck was spotted in Dick and Cleen's yard on Wednesday morning. No one from this publication had gone by the home before that date so it is unknown if they just came that day or it had been there since Sunday, but the truck was gone by Wednesday evening. The family was spotted at Dick Poquette's Auto Repair on Friday but no information was given and according to The Kat their meeting was like "two ships passing in the night". Kat thinks that Sarah Poquette would make a good school bus driver and intends to counsel her on applying for the license and the job at Lamer's Bus Lines.
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