Trixie is comforted about her surgery by her sister Judy Treml
The News for Sunday October 12, 2014
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Recent advances in medicine have provided doctors with a new machine to locate and remove Sobieck's growth
eleen "Trixie" Sobieck told of her new hair doo on Saturday while visiting and attending "The Fat Club". As seen above Sobieck received a new hair doo while doctors examined her with advanced new medical equipment. Sobieck 52, also said that she would soon be going in for  a procedure which would render her unable to become impregnated again.
Fat club members were told on Saturday by Sobieck that she had gone in for an examination because she had been experiencing incontinence and unusual discomfort in the region of her mommy parts for some time and her usual doctor (Dr. Oz) was unable to diagnose the problem. Sobieck made the announcement before a full body of members of the fat club shortly before departing to attend a "pub crawl" she had been invited to on Saturday afternoon. Doctors using advanced ultra sound equipment found a large growth inside of her. According to the team of physicians they could only find only one of her ovaries. Doctors went on to tell Sobieck that these types of growths happen often to women not in their child bearing years and that the growth and the rest of her reproduction system should be yanked from her body. Doctors also advised her that these type of growths are not usually cancerous but they will take a look at it anyway to make sure. Sobieck scheduled the procedure for October 28th, which is shortly after the Pumpkin carving party but long enough before the Turkey Bowl to insure her recovery. 

Sobieck looks forward to the surgery even though she is aware of the Frankenstein factor. Being under anaesthetic during Halloween time always opens the opportunity for doctors to experiment with female patients singling out good candidates to become the bride of Frankenstein. Sobieck who is aware that she is a perfect candidate for the monster made of reanimated dead tissue and a donated brain taken from an executed serial killer, says it is still worth the risk rather than to continue the way she is urinating every ten minutes and sometimes in bed on her husband Kevin. She expects to be in the hospital for weeks and will be off of work all that time from Syble Hopp School.
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