Phoenix Daniels of the band Lotus Revolt spends time with his daughters in a local pool in Seaford Delaware
The News for Sunday October 19, 2014
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The Danquette family along with Carrie Harman
t's tough going according to sources close to Sarah Poquette and Phoenix Daniels and their family since they have moved to Wisconsin. The unit which will be known from here on in as the Danquette family are struggling to find sources of income since relocating to the Midwest from the eastern United States. The couple say there are few opportunities in Wisconsin for newly transplanted families.
Phoenix Daniels the primary bread winner for the unit says jobs are few and far between especially for someone from a far away land who just relocated to Wisconsin like him. He says he's been looking for work but has met with much rejection. Sarah Poquette the female counterpart in the Danquette family was offered her old job back in Seymour at the struggling bar and buffet known as Doxby's. That offer was not rejected, but was put on the back burner for now pending what Phoenix might find for work because it will interfere severely with Poquette's plans to be a "stay at home mom." Any type of government aid for the newly transplanted family remains unattainable since the couple have not been in Wisconsin long enough yet to be considered residents.  In the mean time the Danquette family remain as guests at Sarah Poquette's parents, Dick and Cleen Poquette of 747 Florist Drive in Hobart.

The mystery surrounding the continued existance of the U-Haul truck in the Poquette homestead yard for three days was solved when The Newsletter learned that the truck had been paid for until Wednesday and the Danquette's had not yet finished unloading the van. Apparently the family had run out of room for storage and was awaiting the arrival of pallet racks to be installed in the garage to store their belongings. It is not known if the racks, furnished by Dick and Cleen had arrived in time for the final unloading, but the truck was gone by Wednesday evening.

Pumpkin Carving weekend is almost here at the Poquette-Seidl residence in beautiful downtown Greenleaf. Saturday's event will kick off at noon and guests are expected to bring their own pumpkins for carving. Food will be provided but drinks are BYOB. Soft drinks will be available. Jean Poquette-Seidl's home is located at 6788 Crippen Street in the upscale community of Greenleaf, and if coming from the west Fair Road is the one to take instead of the detour. It is far closer and in a straight line to Greenleaf. It is by the church at the top of the hill, and you will have to turn left.