The product of hours of carving is on display for a short time in the garage of the Seidl's
The News for Sunday October 26, 2014
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Temperatures were moderate on carving day so party goers took to the outdoors to enjoy the last warm weather
nce again it was time to mutilate pumpkins and turn them into jack-o-lanterns at the house of James and Jean Poquette-Seidl. The usual crowd was on hand with the exception of just a few. Food and refreshments were available and fun was had by all. James Seidl co-owner of the property on Greenleaf's Crippen Drive was absent from the party as well, and speculation was
that Seidl can't bear the sight of all those jack-o-lanterns leaving the garage for their new homes. Seidl a huge fan of the carved creations was upset to learn the first year of the carving party that the creations were to go home with the children and could not be displayed at the Seidl's modest Greenleaf home during the Halloween season. Jean Poquette-Seidl commented that James was at work and that had nothing to do with the policy of carvers bringing their pumpkins home.

The party nearly avoided a serious rift when it was discovered that only one person brought wine and supplies were running low. Jean Poquette-Seidl expecting a crisis came to the rescue by providing access to her emergency supply of box wine placed in the refrigerator and easily accessed by anyone. It is believed that that supply carried the people through to the end of the party. Poquette-Seidl was reminded of something she saw on facebook during her rare consumption of wine, of a wine and painting party that Clara Pickett posted about and how it looked like so much fun. Poquette-Seidl hoped that Pickett would remember to inviter her to that next year.

Other notable things brought up at the party included Judy Treml winning an auction for a chance to have lunch with Mayor Jim Schmidt. She won the the gift in a silent raffle at the Golden House. The date has been set for the Fat Club Christmas party and it will be December 20 and will again be at the Sobieck's plush Hobart home on Florist Drive. Those attending will be expected to dress appropriately.

Most of the Sobieck family will be on the mend in the upcoming weeks with Logan the latest to report into sick bay with a bad knee. According to the matriarch of the family Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck, Logan turned up lame this last week and a visit to the doctor revealed that surgery would be required to repair his damaged knee. Logan Sobieck expects to be out of work for 5 months while he is on the mend. Justin Sobieck who is still recovering from back surgery revealed this week that he nearly fell from a height of 150 feet but caught himself at the last microsecond avoiding plummeting to certain death. Still awaiting surgery is Trixie Sobieck who is to go under the knife on Tuesday to remove a growth in her mommy parts. Sobieck indicated that most of her mommy parts were going to be removed at the same time leaving her unable to bear children in the future, an upsetting circumstance. Sobieck, cool but concerned about the situation had no comment on their removal. The only real healthy members of the family Kevin Sobieck the rock of the family with no medical problems and Brittany Rezek the daughter of Kevin and Trixie who has not been sick a day in her life, expect to carry on with the family duties in the period of down time associated with the upcoming surgeries. 

Mike Van Den Heuvel, guitarist for the now defunct band 5 Man began jamming with a new band months ago called Black Hole Conspiracy but reports that the band is getting a cool response and has only played two gigs where they actually got paid. Van Den Heuvel, still hopeful that the band will catch on modestly spoke highly of the band but made no promises that they would ever be clicking on a large scale or even like the former band 5 Man. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck overhearing the conversation offered her services to the struggling band as lead female singer. Sobieck, a proficient karaoke singer says she would help the band's image by appearing in provocative low neck line short hemmed dresses singing to the audiance as well as giving them something to look at. She states that a name change of the band to "Trixie and the yo yo's" would also help the bands image. Surprisingly Van Den Heuvel walked away from the offer with out saying a word.
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A katandmick photo