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Cheryl Purshcock seen here cautioning people not to believe everything her husband Steve (on right) says
Cheryl Purshock seen here buried under wine barrels after the earth quake two weeks ago
A katandmick photo
A katandmick Photo
o one has heard from Cheryl or Steve Purshock since the earthquake struck in California's Napa Valley two weeks ago. A message left for Cheryl on her facebook page by the KAMR two weeks ago directly after the earthquake has not been replied to. This writer made an urgent request for information regarding the earthquake and if they had experienced any movement in their location in the facebook message that was never returned. Photo's that surfaced after the quake were 
examined by a team of experts here at the KAMR and the photo above revealed that indeed Cheryl Purshock had been trapped under a pile of fallen wine barrels.

The absence of Steve Purshock could mean that he had been trapped somewhere else in the winery and needed help to escape, but more likely he is busy in front of his computer selling motorcycle parts from distressed stock purchased by him and his brother two years ago. Purshock 45, a professional chef, dabbles in the sale of distressed and odd lot parts on his embay site. While the sale of such parts can be profitable Purshock says he is not doing as well as he had hoped citing tax reasons as one of the stumbling blocks to on line sales. Cheryl Purshock 52, who has never dabbled on the Internet site ebay suggests that Purshock is wasting his time on the whole project and hopes he quits the part time sales business so that he can spend more time with her. Cheryl, a career Air Force employee is looking to retirement in the next several years and even though she is older than Steve, she hopes he retires with her and move back to their Florida home in Fort Walton Beach where earthquakes are unheard of.

House plans and blueprints were rejected this week and sent back for the new Prevost Mansion located in Legview east of De Pere according to an unnamed source. The source went on to say that some confusion exists about where in the kitchen the pastry chef was to be located and the architect put the chefs ovens where the wine steward was to have his wine racks. The Prevosts also had to have the property surveyed again because of the difficulty in finding the original lot markers, a cost of $600 that was unexpected in the cost of the house.  The Prevosts plan to be moving into their new mansion upon the completion of the private zoo sometime in the spring of 2016. Until then they will continue to live in the Sobieck Boarding House in the Hobart.