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Steve Purshock and his daughter Jessie pitted against each other in TB IV
Steve Purshock seen here warming up for the last Turkey Bowl he played in 1962
A katandmick Photo
teve Purshock is now an old man, but he still remembers the glory of the game back when he played in the Turkey Bowl. Pitted against his daughter he churned, dug in, and fought for every inch of turf he could to win the Turkey Bowl that year. Neither he or his daughter returned to the field to play again since that year. This year he will be here again but most likely he will not play.
A katandmick photo
Purshock 64 now complains of back problems and worries that he could not produce a decent game winning play if he were pressed into service in TBXV. Cheryl Purshock his wife says that she is worried for him but states that she is tougher than he and given the same circumstance she would definitely play. Cheryl 55, has never played in the Turkey Bowl before but has taken photos numerous times at the big game drawing on her photo experience from the U.S. Air Force where she was an official photographer taking pictures of dead people. Cheryl attended last years Turkey Bowl and stayed at the KAMR headquarters while Steve stayed at the couples California mansion.

Another returning former Turkey Bowl player Sarah Poquette, is said to be coming back in time for the game but no one knows if the now mother of two will again play in the yearly sporting. Poquette and her life partner Phoenix Daniels are making their way back to Wisconsin some time in the next couple of weeks according to her father Dick Poquette. Daniels a musician has little interest in sports but may be compelled to play to please his hosts who are pivotal in the production of the game and it's recruiting. Dick Poquette has elevated his position to head official with the absence of Tom Pickett last year, even if Pickett returns Poquette will keep the position as long as he wants it. Cleen Poquette in charge of pregame deserts also snaps numerous photos and assists with recruiting of players. Rick Poquette the son of Dick and Cleen and once a staple of the player roster has drifted away from playing especially since his younger sister Sarah had moved from the area. Since the two were extremely close  Rick had lost interest in the game he and his sister had such good times together at.

With the return of the Purshocks to the Turkey Bowl the pair is expected to stay once again at the KAMR headquarters and this year a new guest is also expected to bed down at the news capitol of Oneida as well. Joanne Poquette will be returning for the yearly event and also needs a place to stay, so I will be putting a cot right here in the news room for the Batesville IN resident to stay.