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Sarah Poquette, her cousin Mary, and Marge Wenzel pose for a Christmas photo
Sarah Poquette seen here during her years in the Wichen, Turkey Bowl and high school graduation
arah Poquette has set the date that her family will return to Wisconsin. Poquette who has been absent from the badger state for the last three years has agreed to drive back to Wisconsin with a U-Haul truck containing all the families belongings. Cleen Poquette her mother along with her father Dick Poquette have agreed to meet the family half way to escort them to Wisconsin.
A katandmick photo
A katandmick Photo
As a possible meeting spot Youngstown Ohio was chosen as the tentative location to meet the caravan traveling to Wisconsin. What is known is that Phoenix Daniels will be driving the U-Haul truck and Sarah Angel-Poquette will be driving the family's van with the  children safely strapped in. Poquette announced several weeks ago that she was returning to Wisconsin but did not disclose the exact day that it would happen, possibly for security reasons.

No plans have been disclosed for the family for when they return other than they will be staying at the Poquette Family Homestead Inn. Even though the Inn is not crowed at the time because Rick Poquette is not living at the Inn at this time the family will be eventually looking for new quarters. Of course employment will have to become a priority for the couple so as to have income to rent their own apartment later. With Sarah's years of experience in the food service industry and Phoenix's passion for music and his knowledge of retail sales the couple should have no trouble finding a job. The chances of Phoenix putting his band The Lotus Revolt, back to together do not look good at this time but are not ruled out as he has kept all of his equipment in working order. His band members are scattered about the country at this time and the prospects of finding replacements among the locals here may take some time.

In the mean time Sarah and Phoenix will be grooming and cleaning the Poquette Family Inn to earn their keep which means Phoenix will be cutting the lawn and Sarah will be cleaning the house. Sarah who is no stranger to cleaning toilets and vacuuming rugs will be busy keeping the Inn clean when Cleen is away and Phoenix will be cutting the lawn but probably not with the huge commercial mower that Cleen and Dick use because he feels overwhelmed by the huge machine when it is near, but no doubt will use the push mower and try to keep up with it every day.

Cleen will no doubt have 5 grandchildren in tow this year when she attends the pumpkin carving at Jean Poquette-Siedl's home on October 25th. This will no doubt cause Cleen to enlist the services of Dick to help ride the heard and keep the cluster of grandchildren under control. Once again the pumpkin carving will be for children at Poquette-Seidl's modest Greenleaf home and those attending should bring their own pumpkins along to carve. Contrary to popular belief, no pumpkins need to be left behind for James.
A katandmick Photo