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November 5, 2006
Fans to enjoy better seating, view, and announcing with new press box on the other side of the field.
            ith Turkey Bowl VII only two and a half weeks away, last minute preparations are being finalized for the big game. A newly built press box, courtesy of Kevin Sobieck, will adorn the east side of the field away from spectators allowing more room for fans to see the game. The extra room will be taken up by bleachers which spectators may use to watch the game, an amenity that was not enjoyed at previous Turkey Bowls. The old slogan of "bring your own seating" will be ripped from advertising and replaced with festival seating available.

On the side deck of the press box will rest a stuffed chair that Trixie Sobieck says will be raffled off to raise cash for the event and help pay for the half time show. The show, sure to entertain everyone will be pedal tractor pulls hosted by Tom Schmidt of Seymour. This is a participation event and all are welcome to do so. Remember it is only an exhibition not a competition, so please......No wagering.

Once again prior to playing every player must sign a disclaimer which states they will not hold the XPFL
Festival Seating Available
Deck for new press box
liable for injuries received during the game. Prominent member of the axis of evil Stephania Prevost will be present with her notary stamp to witness each signature and make it legal. Prevost employed by the Oneida Tribe of Indians needs the notary status as part of her job, and as luck would have it she along
Stephonia Prevost
with her stamp will be pressed into service Thanksgiving Day to make sure everything is legal.

Food will be provided by the XPFL cheerleaders,
fellow cheerleaders are responsible for feeding all the players and their families along with all the spectators. The meal included in the price of the XPFL ticket for spectators is a deal not found to exist in any other football league.
and since the festivities are at the home of Trixie and Kevin Sobieck, Trixie will be coordinating the foodstuffs brought to Poquette Hall for the meal. All questions and declarations are to be forwarded to her at 920-869-1364. Sobieck along with
Trixie Sobieck
Justin Sobieck's bride to be Janel Englebert could hardly contain herself in anticipation of her first Turkey Bowl. Englebert who relished the thought of being an XPFL cheerleader was officially rejected by the tight knit group on Thursday.
Her application for the job moved right up and it looked like she would be accepted to the prestigious position until she appeared before the cheerleader board of review on Thursday. The board took one look at Englebert
and rejected her citing her lean appearance as a major factor in her rejection.  It has been a long standing rule that skinny cheerleaders are not tolerated in the XPFL. Englebert pleaded with the board to let her cheer and at one point offered the comment "I gained 8 pounds for this thing and I'm trying to fit in with all you fat girls." An unidentified member of the board stated "we can't make somebody a cheerleader who doesn't even make tracks in the snow." Sadly Englebert left the meeting broken hearted, but the painfully thin Green Bay native was offered a job with the score board girls who are under the control of the cheerleading squad.
The score board girls known to the cheerleaders as "the score whores" are all girls rejected from cheerleading because of their modest physique. On game day Janel will join Brittany Sobieck, and Ashley Hansen as one of the score board girls. Good luck Janel.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Janel Englebert
November 12, 2006
        or over 27 years Cleen Poquette has been transporting herself to Kaukauna and the Thillmany Paper Mill to earn a living. On November 22nd that routine will end. Poquette has decided to make a career change that will affect how she views her job forever. This past week Poquette has given her notice to the paper mill and accepted a position at Baylakes Bank City Center.

When asked why she was leaving Thillmany Paper, a dependable employer paying high wages, Poquette painted a dour picture of the future at the mill. Poquette: "The company is making no guarantees about work, and there is talk of dropping wages to $12.00 per hour for everyone." Poquette went on to say that after 27 years she was sick of the shift work and spending holidays at the mill. Discontent brings change and Poquette began looking for new employment last spring. Finally after months of seeking a new job she landed a position as a customer service representative at the downtown bank.
Her new job will be from 8 AM to 5 PM weekdays and she begins on Monday, December 4th. When asked if she was excited to make the change or if she had any second thoughts she said she is looking forward to starting a new phase of her life in a new career field.  Poquette
will still receive some workman's compensation  payments for a while from Thillmany due to an injury she received in August (Newsletter August 13, 2006) she will continue to receive those checks until a doctor releases her for full time work.

The third and youngest member of the axis of evil Stephonia Prevost has been terminated after a temporary job she held at the Oneida Health Center ran it's course. "This is the first time I've been unemployed since I was 14 years old" a shocked Prevost remarked. Prevost who was forced into child labor at an early age to support her fathers  Kettle Corn addiction, says that her father received a free sample of Kettle Corn at the county fair and has been unable to stop eating the sweet and salty treat since, spending every cent he had on Kettle Corn.
Cleen Poquette
Prevost was the Human Resources manager at a company that had sold dental supplies but quit that job in favor of what she thought was an entry level job at the Oneida Tribe. At the time Prevost did not know she had
Stephonia gets news she is terminated
been black balled from the work force list at the Tribe but found out later through a co-worker. Apparently Prevost had committed some ethical violation that at the time was glossed over but now that she has left the employment of the Tribe has become an issue. 
Although Prevost did not care for the job at the dental supply house she may have kept it until she found other employment had she known about the black ball situation at the Tribe.

The Turkey Bowls most valuable player for last year has already written off any threat from the Blue Jell-O's for 2006. Jason Schmunkey who last year intercepted 4 Blue Jell-O passes says he is not at all scared that the Oneida Red Gobblers may come up against an unbeatable Blue Jell-O offence for TB VII.
Disguised in sun glasses, Stephonia scrapes up discarded kettle corn from the ground for her addicted dad
to be motivated like that.  I have already checked them off my list. The Red Gobblers are going to continue to build their dynasty."

Jason and his wife Stacey are expecting a
Click for a larger photo of Jason's list
Schmumkey when asked about his attitude for TB VII: "We're going to continue off of the momentum from last year.   We will dominate, we will CRUSH THEM.  I suppose the Blue Jell-O's will post this is their locker room and use this to fire them up.   That's sad they need
baby girl soon, Jason mentioned that Stacey will probably be induced into labor Monday night ending weeks of bed rest for Stacey who was not allowed to do anything but  lye on her back, doctors orders. Schmumkey will go to no extreme to keep from missing the Turkey Bowl up to and including having his wife induced into labor a week early to get all the baby stuff out of the way before the big game.

The Turkey Bowl is less then two weeks away so get your arrangements made for the food you will bring. Contact Trixie at 869-1364. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Festival Seating Available