Oneida WI. - First of all I would like to thank you all for visiting the Poquette Report Web site. I'm still building the site so things may not happen very fast , and there may not be many changes when you tune in the next time, but I'll keep trying. I will keep news letters up for a longer period of time  and delete them after a few of weeks, so you guys will have enough time to see them or read them over if you missed something. I've noticed that a house is being built on the lot where Peter's house is, you know the one on the corner of E and EE, I suppose they will tear down your old house, Peter, when it's done. The weather is very gloomy here today and as I look out my window I see that it is snowing now, Cheryl says its cold in Florida now but I don't think they are getting snow, my heart goes out to you. I am keeping my eye out for the 7 convicts from Texas as you know there is a $500,000 reward for their capture, and I could use the money for new wiper blades for my truck. There have been no sightings around Oneida. I thought I'd never get to say it but Rosie's friend Bill Clinton has only a week left in office, I wonder what he'll do now ? I hope he's not thinking of filling a vacant governor's seat from a Midwest state on the west side of Lake Michigan. 

                                  Kat and Mike

ONEIDA WI.-Thanks to all those who continue to visit the web site, and from the comments I'm getting it seems to be a success. Remember the site is still under construction so check back often as I will add things when I have time to work on the computer and edit photos and compose text, and don't forget to come back every week for the latest newsletter hot off the press every weekend.
    Now for the news Bob VanLannen has Impregnated has girlfriend Sandy and she is due in May. It was announced at "The Fat Club" weekly gathering that she is four months pregnant.  Lissa is due in about a  week , and with the impending marriage of Shelly I can see VanLannen grandchildren piling up like cord wood.
    Now that the craft season is over we had a little extra time so I took Kat down for her distemper shot. She went through it pretty well, and when it was over I gave her a saucer of milk, and she sat purrrring and licking up her milk.
    Trixie had a memory lapse this last week and forgot to pick up Ma from dialysis. It seems she was sitting at the kitchen table balancing the check book when the television program "The View" was finishing their broadcast when the announcer said "have a good Friday" just then Trixie's ears perked and she stood up and shouted $#I+ Friday! She immediately threw on her coat and ran across Poquette Field (site of TB2K) to her mothers car where she made and express trip to Green Bay (at speeds in excess of 80MPH. on 172) arriving forty minutes late. It would seem that the litanies of apology's combined with the record 12 minute travel time from her house to the dialysis center was enough to get her off the hook. I don't think that she will be forgetting to pick up her mother for a long time now.

    I'm afraid that with the appointment of Tommy Thompson to the Bush cabinet that Amtrak will suffer, in particular the Midwest rail initiatives. Without Thompson as the Chairmen of the Board and a cheerleader for Amtrak in Wisconsin , I fear that our planned service to Green Bay will be put on the back burner. Let's all hope the new Amtrak Board chairmen follows through on all of Tommy's Amtrak plans, remember, if the Amtrak service to Green Bay is not instituted this could affect attendance to future Turkey Bowls. Prospective TB spectators may not show up if the planned rail service does not materialize. Once attendance to future TB's decreases I'm not sure how long we would be able to continue on out own without going to the taxpayers for help. Write now to congressmen and Senators so when your children look up at you and ask "what did you do to help keep the Turkey Bowl in Oneida?" You can hold your head up and  proudly say "I told those bastards in Washington". If it comes down to taxpayer support and we don't get it I can't guarantee that future Turkey Bowls wouldn't be played in a city where Amtrak service exists, where throngs of happy Turkey Bowl ticket holders would pour off the Amtrak coaches and load on to cabs and busses headed for the big game. Do your part today write to your congressman and tell him we need Amtrak service to Green Bay to keep the Turkey Bowl where it belongs.  Mike.

Trixie, not a clock watcher
Ma, biting her lip after the 40 minute delay.
ONEIDA, WI. As I mentioned last week Alissa was nearing the end of her pregnancy, it happened, on Jan. 24 Alissa gave birth to a baby boy weighing in at exactly 8 lbs. When asked after the ordeal how she managed she replied, "I'm never going through that hell again and I can't imagine how grandma ever had so many kids spewing out of her loins" she then let Kevin (the proud father)know in so many words that he will soon be going under the knife. The baby's name is Devin (which will easily convert to Devil at a later date). This story was turned in by Jeanie and Trixie and they stated at the end of their electronic mail that they wish the best for the mother and child and their sympathy's go out to Kevin.
   It seems that in another twist of fate that we revert once again as Bunky and Peggy have found each other for a second, wait third?, oh I can't keep track, their back together again. They had pictures taken and they look quite nice, Peggy, Lance, and Bunky.
      I've  posted the Cheerleading try out and practice schedule on the XPFL page, I think this is quite tentative and subject to (a lot) of change, as the warm weather nears we will revise the schedule, so check back.
    Kat is looking for a new purse so if anyone knows where a large purse can be obtained at a reasonable price then please communicate that to the Kat.

    That was quite a Superbowl, I really expected the Giants to win the way they walked over the Vikings two weeks before, I didn't think old man Dilfer had it in him. I found the game to be boring, but that half time show WOW, I think that was the best half time show ever. There is one thing that we will have to have for TB01 however and that's the EYEVISION technology, although it might be hard to find a place to put the 33 cameras needed to do it. But just think of the great tape that would make.
    That's it for now, I'll be back next week with all the news and views. MWP
ONEIDA, WI. Saturday night 2-3-01 there was a graduation party for Bunky, he is now the proud holder of a GED. Many guests attended and there was food as well as liquid refreshment, and no one over indulged except for Jean Poquette Hansen of course.Everyone enjoyed the surprise party and we watched the first broadcast game of the XFL. Of course there was no comparison to the XPFL in excitement, but a good game just the same.
    Pally had an unpleasant experience with Boris the Iguana, it seems he went to pet the varmint and it latched onto his hand. The injury is not serious and there seems to be no long term effects. But this may prove to be detrimental to the existence of Boris in our house, as Pally now admits that Iguanas are not what the' re cracked up to be for pets.
    The Pally party house will now be closed from this date forward, due to his abuse of generosity of the occupant. Peggy Sue says that chilling with the home boys will have to happen at another pad. High consumption of Pizzas and soft drinks were the major cause of this shut down.
   Turbo Tax was installed on this computer over the  weekend, and has simplified the tax headache for me. I have filed for Bunky, and Peggy as well. This is sure a great tool and I highly recommend it to everyone who winds up doing taxes for themselves and others.
    Mark Churmura was acquitted as we all new he would be, my thought is that he should turn and file suit against the mother of the girl who was the accuser. As you know the girl was put up to this as an attempt at revenge by the mother for her rejection by Mark. (see editorial page) Mark is probably too good a man to harbor revenge feelings however, there fore this is probably the last we will see of this case and Mark until the NFL plays in 01 and Mark is picked up by another team.
    You may want to check out the XPFL page  where there is now a countdown clock to TB01.
    Cheryl if you have any photos of Steve you can send  to me by electronic mail I would love to get them for a project I'm working on.
    It's snowing and I'm Ill  so I think the newsletter will draw to a close for another week.
Bunky now proud holder of GED
Pally now admits Iguanas not what the' re cracked up to be
Mark Churmura in court