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December 3, 2006
           ocals are all a-buzz with talk of societies largest who's who as members of the most exclusive club in the Oneida area prepare for the special night with last minute alterations to their custom made evening gowns. The "Fat Club" as it is known, will host it's annual Christmas party Saturday December 9 at the home of the clubs organizer Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck. Sobieck a reserved socialite herself and one of sixteen children born to the Poquette Family in rural Hobart, and the only one that was planned according to the late Mary Poquette, Sobiecks mother, expects to see a large turnout of elite members of the club Saturday Night.
Darla Krueger, sister in law to Sobieck and owner of the wildly popular hair styling boutique Shear Dementia reports a higher then average number of appointments in this week before the gala event and attributes the
flurry of business to the yearly social event.

The event which could only be compared to the Howell Cotillion in magnitude will consume most of the available part time help in the Oneida area as young men are pressed into service performing security tasks.  Young gentlemen will be called upon for setting up rope barricades to keep photographers at bay when well known guests arrive in front of Sobieck Hall, and as a pool of valets to park limo's as they drop off their famous guests. Still others will be called upon to provide uniformed security as the crowd of onlookers, paparazzi, and fans press in to try to touch the rich and famous as they enter the event. The tribal police often referred to as "Oneida Vice" will have extra officers on hand that evening at their County E station should a problem arise at the event only minutes away from their location. Sobieck made it clear to the Vice that their presence is not welcome on the premises unless a problem arises that their own security can't handle. Sobieck "A lot of cops around tends to make my guests nervous, so I told them I'll call them if I need them."

If you were special enough to be invited into this exclusive club then the following message is for you: Find out what you should bring to the party by calling Trixie at 869-1364.

This years half time event staged at the center of Poquette Field turned out to be a success judging by the smiling faces around the winners circle after the game. In all there turned out to be a lot of children who pulled and many adults. The men's division was taken by Aaron Meeusen who won the  coveted turkey trophy. 
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Aaron Meeusen proudly displays his Turkey Prize
Meeusen nearly pulled the weighted device off of the board during his pull and seemed determined to walk away with the turkey icon so that it may adorn his mantle. Not to be forgotten in the pulling event
Stephonia Prevost with her right eye stuck shut from tears of joy holds the turkey prize proudly
was Stephonia Prevost winner of the Women's Division in the Tractor Pulls. Prevost, the youngest member of the Axis of Evil made it apparent she was the most youthful of the trio by nearly matching Aaron Meeusens pull and heading for the end of the board. The women's event which pulls with 75lbs. less weight on the drag is still a tough job as was expressed by Jean Poquette Hansen (Queen of Chicken Night) who remarked "I was peddling my ass off and I wasn't getting anywhere." Hansen who exhibited a burst of energy during her pull had a respectable distance coming within a couple of feet of Prevost. Even though Shelly Sobieck with her large frame and muscular legs had been the favorite of people placing bets the virtually unknown Prevost came from out of the shadows to take the prize. Speculation bantered about the crowd seemed to indicate that Prevost's size and weight were perfect for the tractor used in the event while Sobieck seemed too "folded up" on the small device to be effective. 
Stephonia Prevost and Aaron Meeusen compete in the pedal tractor pull event.
Christmas Eve will once again occur at the Pickett household and with all the usual hubbub. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
December 10, 2006
            fter weeks of planning and preparation Trixie Sobieck had along with the help of Jean Poquette Hansen and Shelly Sobieck pulled off a stunning sting against the Kat in retaliation for her (the Kat) accusing Trixie of stealing items from her home. Over the course of the last year every time the Kat was unable to find one of her numerous trinkets and fluff scattered about the house she would instinctively blame Trixie or Jeanie and on some occasions actually call them and blatantly accuse them of the theft. A prime example was the theft of her frog (Newsletter Sept. 3, 06) this summer.

Saturday night December 9th was the annual Christmas gala for the Fat Club which was held at the Sobieck residence. Trixie Sobieck, an innocent victim of blind justice, thought this would be the best opportunity to pay back the Kat for all her unfounded accusations.
A wonderful dinner of beef Wellington, haddock, fresh green beans, and fried mushrooms had just finished when the announcement was made it was time to open the gifts. The hoax was perpetrated as a "white elephant" gift exchange, whereby each participant
picks an item from their home that they either are tired of or just simply don't have room for and wraps it up and places it under the tree at the host home. Participants roll dice and whomever rolls the highest picks first and so on on so on.

The Kat suspected something was up by the way the Axis of Evil was acting, it was apparent the trio couldn't wait to get the gift exchange underway. Trixie was the first to open her gift, a small canister with a little dog inside, the Kat said little. The next in line opened hers, a large iron dog that had sat in front of the garage, Kat piped up: "you bag, I know what you're up to now". The next person in line opened hers, a large wooden goose from the living room, the Kat: "you dicks." As each person opened their gift it revealed more and more of the Pickett household, the roar of laughter grew louder and longer as each successive gift was opened. The last to open a gift was the Kat and of course it was a gift from her own home. Kat said they are all dicks vowed to get everyone back.

Sobieck admitted it took weeks to acquire all the items from the house and multiple trips hauling one or two items at a time until she had the entire nest of the 14 items she needed to complete the gift exchange. The Kat who was oblivious to the scheme never missed one item throughout the entire process. The Kat who accused me of taking part in the scheme barked at me that night "you're gonna have to take all this s#!t back home you know!"

Dan VanLanen is to have surgery on Saturday December 16 to remove a small growth on his liver according to his spousal unit and lover Peg VanLanen. The small growth which was detected during a routine scan will be removed and tested to see if it is cancerous. VanLanen had been having urinal tract problems and sought help for that discomfort when the scan took place. Results of the surgery will be posted here when we have them.
An unhappy Kat watches as her belongings are unwrapped
Successful Fat Club Christmas party teaches the Kat a valuable lesson in trust.
Kari "Marge" Hanes apparently is finding marriage harder then she thought and has decided to call the whole thing off and return to the states. Word handed down from Hanes mother Sue Wenzel indicated that Marge would return from Germany in January and again live with her mother in her Ashwaubenon apartment.
Hanes who was married in August (Newsletter Aug 27) married Nathan Hanes in a secret Texas ceremony and agreed to accompany him to Germany while he was stationed there.

It is not known if Hanes will stay married to Nathan or attempt to
have the marriage annulled or divorced. Details will be forthcoming when Hanes returns to the states.

It has become so customary to report Brittany Sobieck hauling boy after boy to the pile behind the house that it is almost unheard of to report she has snagged one back. Sobieck who supposedly pushed Wil Rosenburg out Thanksgiving week has had a change of heart and pulled him back for another chance according to her mother Trixie Sobieck.
Sobieck rejected Rosenburg after an incident led to an ultimatum posed by Rosenburg (Newsletter Nov. 26) Rosenburg showed up at the Sobieck residence later and refused comment on the
incident. It is thought now that Rosenburg may have had reconciliation in mind when he refused to speak to the KAMR.

Sobieck's mother Trixie said she had a talk with the Oneida Harlot and told her she can't be throwing boys out left and right for such frivolous things. Trixie: "If you guys did that you would have never even made it to the stone fight." Trixie hoping she doesn't wind up with an old maid daughter encouraged Sobieck to take up with Rosenburg again if he is willing. She says it can't hurt to have guy around with such finely honed computer repair skills either.

With the upcoming birthday of Judy Treml this week a small cake was given in her honor at the Fat Club Christmas Party and she was asked to say a few words. She thanked everyone, said she took a bite out of the cake earlier and "it wasn't very good",  and began to speak about wells polluted by cow manure, many showed little or no interest and one by one went to another room. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Judy Treml blows the flame from the candles on her cake Saturday at the Fat Club Christmas Gala Event
Brittany Sobieck