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February 18, 2007
Family members horrified as Stephonia cashes in on sons notoriety.
      t has already been four months since Stephonia Prevost was ousted from her comfortable perch at the Oneida Tribe Health Center answering phones and making appointments at the front desk. (Newsletter Nov. 6, 2006) The middle aged Prevost has been seeking employment but has been unable to even get a serious interview at any reputable establishment.

An unidentified source has informed The Newsletter that Prevost is sending out her son Bailey to do modeling photography for local sales brochures and also posing for photographers with celebrities at their request for cash. Apparently Bailey was used for a publicity shoot for the Grammy awards, posing as the son of Hank Williams Jr. who was enhancing his chances for a goat ropin music award.  
Apparently When Prevost was young and beautiful it was much easier to find work. Now the aging Prevost unable to find a job is making a substantial living renting out her son for modeling. Family members are upset that this Native American youngster has been forced
Stephonia Prevost
into servitude promoting Chinese garments sold at cut rates from local merchants. Tribal officials couldn't be reached for comment however publicity they have condemned the practice. In a prepared statement leaders said "We at the Oneida Tribe were always skeptical of this white looking Indian and her child care practices since the day Prevost burnt her child with a curling iron then set out for the north woods on a drinking binge." Sources tell the KAMR that a closed session of the Tribal Counsel is underway and they are voting on whether to strip Prevost of her good standing in the tribe and send her floating away on an ice flow on Duck Creek.

Bailey has racked up a substantial collection of publicity photos and we are prepared to show a few of them. Below is a montage of photos of Bailey's modeling career.
It took a lot of courage but John Poquette finally broke down and admitted his weak moment. This week Poquette made the announcement that he is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn Hope. Poquette who was incarcerated at the time of the conception admitted that Smith came and visited him while he was behind bars and further more was able to convince authorities that indeed she was married to the Wisconsin native. Poquette who was unaware that Smith was not on birth control medication agreed to the conjugal visit and of course we know the result.

Poquette had asked to keep the matter quiet but in light of Smith's untimely death felt obligated to report the matter and take responsibility for his child.  

Willie Cornelius' former room mate Matt Pagel was on his way to try out for a professional football team when tragedy struck and took his life. Pagel an Oconto native had been an outstanding football player and did play on one of the semi professional teams in the area. Evidently while enroute to a tryout for an NFL team he collided with a semi tractor trailer and did not survive the crash. The funeral for Pagel was held Monday in Oconto.

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