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December 20, 2009

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Merry Christmas from the Axis of Evil
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                       fter a long night of drinking one tends to get hungry, and if you're a growing boy the hunger pains are even worse. Logan Sobieck and his friends are no exception to this rule and one of their favorite places to eat is at Taco Bell on West Mason St. in Green Bay. These boys are so busy they never have time to dine in so the drive through suits their purposes just fine.

Here's how Sobieck got run over. After the designated driver got the food and Logan's debit card came back from the cashier Logan was unable to maneuver the card into his wallet and whoops it went out the window. Sobieck jumped out of the truck to get the card but the driver not knowing that Sobieck got out of the truck started to leave. Sobieck afraid he would be left behind ran for the moving truck and tried to jump in but his attempt was unsuccessful and he slid under the truck. In a spilt second the back wheels were upon him and he was run over. The driver knowing he had run something over by the jarring bump decided to back up still not knowing that Logan was missing from the vehicle. Quick maneuvering and a lot of hollering avoided a second visit from the rear wheels for Logan.

In spite of the sobering experience Sobieck remains unharmed in fact his slightly bowed legs are much straighter now after the pressure applied by the truck. Sobieck's mother Trixie was horrified when she saw the marks left by the tires on Sobieck's legs but likened it to the time he jumped from the rim of the basket ball hoop to the cement below and broke both of his feet. Trixie Sobieck works in an assisted living home and likes that much better than working with children, Trixie: "This is why I like to work with old people they don't do dumb stuff like this."
Logan Sobieck lays motionless after a truck runs him over in the Taco Bell drive through
Chrissy Meeuwsen on leave from the Peace Corps for the holidays made her way to the Fat Club Christmas party held annually at the home of Kevin and Trixie Sobieck on Florist Drive in Hobart. The Friday night affair was the usual collection of original Poquette daughters and some of their offspring with a few spousal units thrown in to make things a bit more interesting.
Meeuwsen who is plagued with a club leg decided after college that she should try serving in the Peace Corps for a while and allow her bruised ego to recover.  Meeuwsen wanted to pursue a career as a  kicker in the XPFL but was devastated after being told that she would not be allowed to because of an unfair advantage created by the club leg
she knew she would have to look elsewhere for employment.

Chrissy brought along a friend to the party who had visited her in Benin. Her friend Sierra Mist was actually studying in France and decided to divert her tour home and visit Chrissy in her squalor hut in Benin. Mist was able to fit right in and before the night ended was cursing the dog Milo along with the rest of the people at the party. Most of the seats were taken so Sierra Mist being the lowest ranking guest to the party was required to sit on the floor where she spoke of how she abstained from sex while in France.

Dinner was fine as usual with beef Wellington being the main course. Jean Poquette Hansen made the potato's and the Kat made cookies for desert. Stephonia Prevost made carrots in a sweet sauce that were delicious. Shelly Sobieck brought Serogy's candies which were quite popular, I saw many people filling their purse and pockets with the chocolates before the night was over.

The usual gift exchange was handled in a different manner this year whereby the guests all were issued a gift and sat in a circle while this writer read a prepared story about the Wrights that was supplied by Jean Poquette Hansen.  As the story progressed a liberal amount of left and right's were peppered throughout the text which was a que for the members to pass their package left or right by the instructions given in the story. Many of the guests became confused and by the time the story ended the gifts had only moved one space.

Brittany Sobieck whose dreams were shattered after being told that she would need to attend grad school to become a physical therapist and then was denied entry has decided to abandon her original plan.

Sobieck 27 had attended school most of her life but is unable to get the education needed to complete the
Chrissy Meeuwsen
Sobieck is to be married in October to Jeremy Rezek who claims he was embarrassed to receive the gift of condoms that was offered by his future mother in law Trixie Sobieck last Christmas.

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requirements of becoming a physical therapist because of extended waiting lists for grad school. Sobieck now has decided to become a assistant physical therapist which will allow her to do more with patients which is what she thinks she would want anyway. She is currently attending NWTC in a 2 year program which will allow her to do the aforementioned assistant work.
Brittany Sobieck
A katandmick photo