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August 15, 2010

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August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes at The Royal Scot and Dinner

Click here to register or see who's going to the Poquette Family golf outing. Est. cost $16.50 walk $24.50 ride.
Her new name? Kari Obama
A katandmick photo
              t was about twenty after four on Saturday afternoon when Chrissie Meewusen's mother and niece were spotted in the airport awaiting the arrival of the flight from Minneapolis bringing Chrissie Meeuwsen home from her African adventure. Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen had taken a flight back to Wisconsin after living in Florida since February to meet her daughter at the airport for the homecoming after two years in Africa in the Peace Corps.

Chris Meeuwsen arrived at the airport wearing a simple white dress and white flip flops as if she were virgin presented to the United States by Africa.
A smattering of people formed a small welcoming party at the airport to include Heather and Gary Meeuwsen, Mary and Katrina Meeuwsen, two of
Christine Meeuwsen (center) is greeted by friends Margot (left) and Ingrid (right) proudly displaying  signs they made to welcome Meeuwsen home
A katandmick photo
In a related story Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen commented that her and Dick have been talking about moving once again to the Fort Walton Beach
Meeuwsen was asked if she had any regrets,or if posed with the same choices would she do it again. She said that it was a good choice and would recommend it but is glad to be done with it now and has no desire to go back for a second go around. When asked if she had made any close friends that she had a hard time saying good bye to she said that there was only one women and her daughter that she got close to. Ines and her daughter Grace were special friends to Meeuwsen during her two year visit to Africa and she said the pair even had worked up a "song and dance routine" although Meeuwsen did not comment whether or not she participated in the act.

Meeuwsen is to remain in Wisconsin for a couple of weeks and then move on to Satellite City FL to take up residence with her parents.
Chrissie's close friends Margot and Ingrid, and this reporter. Meeuwsen's plane arrived exactly on time and by 4:30 Meeuwsen's feet were on Wisconsin soil. After a few hugs and some small talk, Meeuwsen anxious from traveling for 24 hours just wanted to get her bags and go out to eat.
Meeuwsen was asked if she had a favorite place in mind but commented "I just want to eat regular food, something other than corn mush."
"No more corn mush"
in the home there is no reason to keep the property, the cost to maintain the property exceeds the benefit. Doats said should the couple decide to sell the property that extensive work is needed to prepare the homestead for sale. "We would have to decide what to keep and what goes to the junk. We would probably have to get a dumpster."

Saturday August 21 is next Saturday the day selected for the Poquette Golf outing organized by Stephonia Prevost. Prevost has arranged with The Royal Scot for tee times at 12:30 PM sharp.
Doats Meeuwsen
area. Since Doats has been home they have been talking about selling their Suamico home. Adam Meeuwsen who is the caretaker of the property since the Meeuwsen's departure has voiced a preference to move to the city to reduce transportation costs and make it more convenient for his female companion. Doats says that with no one to live
Prevost has arranged for the golfing and dinner at her home after the event. She is providing meat and buns, she asks you bring a dish to pass and bring your own beverages. To contact Prevost by phone:
920-866-9499 or email her
Stephonia Prevost
Kari "Marge" Haynes will have a new name if she decides to follow the advice of the readers of this newsletter. Marge Obama was the overwhelming choice among our readers. Here are the results. Kari Obama - 62 votes or 91%, Kari Wenzel, 4 votes or 6%, and finally Kari Haynes 2 votes or 3%. Haynes will be made aware of the results. That's all the news that is news, see ya.