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July 18, 2010

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August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes at The Royal Scot and Dinner

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                  he Wisconsin Timber Rattlers lost the game attended by the Axis of Evil last night but at least we can say that no one was injured in our seating area, the same cannot be said for the people seated in patio tables on the first base side of the field. Early in the game a foul ball hit by a Timber Rattler went off into the stands in particular the patio table section located on the first base side of the field. As soon as the ball bounced back on to the field James Seidl seated behind me commented "did you see how hard that hit the sign (hanging on the wall in front of the patio seating) he really whacked that ball." But alas the sound we heard was not the ball hitting the sign but a ladies head seated at the first table. Help immediately poured to the area and first aid people worked on the lady for  10 to 15 minutes before she was carried out on a stretcher accompanied with applause from the crowd who was seated in the area.
Above: Timber Rattler's staff attend to a fan after being hit by a ball
Below:  Fans gasp in horror after seeing the injured fans permanent disfigurement
Two of our fans in our group were the lucky winners of the 50/50 raffle winning $710. Dean and Alissa VanLanen won the money during the 7th inning stretch. The couple
Dean and Alissa win  50/50 raffle
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
had just decided on Friday they were going to attend the game even after the knowing the deadline for patio seat tickets had expired. The couple purchased general seating tickets but later were able to sit in our group because of several no shows in our group. It was also noted by several people that the couple won the money after the 7th inning stretch when alcohol sales are cut off and were unable to purchase a round of drinks for the group.

Attendance remained about the same with the final count on tickets coming in at 36, accounting for 9 tables in the patio section. While some regulars were absent this year due to a preplanned camping trip on state camp grounds, many new faces showed up to take their places.

One newby was immediately adopted as a friend by Axis of Evil member Jean Poquette Hansen.
Krystal Dorn and her friend Jim were a special interest to Poquette-Hansen as she probed the former Town of Oneida residents love life and marital status. Poquette-Hansen quizzed Dorn and her companion on the strength of their relationship and it's longevity.
After a short conversation
Poquette-Hansen declared the couple ready for marriage and urged Dorn to pick a suitable day not too far away for the ceremony . She even suggested to Dorn that if she was short of friends willing to stand up for the nuptials she would interrupt her busy schedule to help her out. Poquette-Hansen made it clear that she expected to be invited to the wedding feast at the very least because of her involvement in the planning and approval of Dorn's life partner. Dorn who listened carefully to the ramblings of Poquette-Hansen hesitated briefly then in an unemotional statement declared December 15th as her wedding day adding that she had no preference as to what day of the week it would turn out to be. Poquette-Hansen was dismayed by her day of the week attitude and suggested she pick the day more carefully citing her inability to get off of work on a week day.
Krystal Dorn was not the only subject of interest for Jean Poquette-Hansen Saturday night and Poquette-Hansen's disdain for anyone named Stacie apparently went by the wayside as she collaborated with Kat's friend and confidant Stacie Rose in the parking lot after the game.
Rose a co-manager at the Lamers Bus Lines in De Pere came as a guest of The Kat and remained with the co-writer of this publication through the whole evening. It came as a surprise to those attending that Rose accepted Kat's invitation because it is a well known fact that she is afraid of the Axis of Evil.
Rose was able to stay out of the sights of
Stacie Rose
Krystal Dorn
the AOE throughout the night but after the game had no where to hide and came toe to toe with Jean Poquette-Hansen. Those who surrounded the chance meeting recoiled expecting a cat fight any minute, but instead Rose was met by a cordial Poquette-Hansen who greeted her with respect and unsolicited friendship. Poquette-Hansen extending the olive branch even further offered Rose a place on her family golf outing team "The Foreskins." After I was instructed to add Rose to the roster I questioned Poquette-Hansen's decision citing her own rule that no one named Stacie was even allowed to submit an application to the golf outing. Poquette-Hansen responded with the proposition that Rose's name be listed as Consuelo Rivera and that from now on that name was to be used instead of that Stacie name.

The third and youngest member of the Axis of Evil Stephania Prevost mentioned last night that after they tried to ruin everyone's weekend at the Sobieck home in Phelps WI several weeks ago the couple had second thoughts about their dasterdly plans and as a peace offering they treated the Kruegers dog with a doggie gift basket. As mentioned earlier the Prevosts performed numerous evil acts intended to ruin everyones weekend during a birthday party several weeks ago up north. Although he did not plan to do it, as an extra bonus Rick Prevost ran over the Krueger's dog breaking it's pelvis. A guilt ridden Stephonia Prevost brought the Kruegers a doggie gift basket which contained chew toys and doggie treats and a gift certificate to Petco where the injured canine can pick out  his own gifts when he fully recovers. The animal which was immobile at first is revovering and is already walking with the help of a cane. Stephonia who intentionally lost the plug to the Sobiecks air matress blamed the writer of this column for her carlessness but could offer no good reason why I would be involved.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.