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July 25, 2010

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                       arge Wenzel who was married in a secret ceremony in Texas in August of 2006 will be leaving the marriage legally on September 24. Wenzel who on an impulse married Nathan Hanes on a whim began a marriage with a military man headed for Germany. The then Kari Haynes followed her husband who shipped out to Germany weeks before.

It didn't take long for Haynes to find out married life was not in the cards for her, at least not at that time
anyway. Haynes left Nathan in January to come home to the states where she lived with her mother Sue Wenzel in Ashwaubenon.

At the time of the wedding Wenzel released little information about the groom and few people even knew his name, hence the title "The unknown
husband" was what he was dubbed upon learning of his existence in the family.

Haynes announced this week that she got "This amazing thing in the mail" which must have been a letter that outlined the dates and conditions of her divorce which will occur on August 27th. Haynes then touted that she will be a "free bird" on September 24th, except she worded it in much more colorful language not appropriate for this publication.

Haynes has not yet indicated if she will continue to use her married name of Haynes or if she will revert to using her maiden name of Wenzel. Such is the subject of this weeks poll. There is two weeks to vote and the results will be forwarded to Haynes.
"Marge" Kari Wenzel-Haynes with unknown husband on their wedding day
A katandmick photo
Sue Wenzel

What last name should Kari Haynes use?
Stick with Kari Haynes
Use her maiden name, Wenzel
Legally change her last name to Obama

Long time friend and relative to this writer, Don Binder passed away from lung Cancer Thursday evening about 10 PM. Binder who was married for over 50 years to my sister Faye Pickett-Binder lived in Menominee Falls WI since shortly after his marriage to Pickett. Before that he lived in Milwaukee where he grew up with his family.

Binder complained of dizziness and loss of balance about a year ago, an uncommon but not unheard of symptom of cancer. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in November and responded to treatment initially however the positive reaction to the treatment was short lived and the tumor began to grow in June. The cancer progressed at an alarming pace and he declined in health rapidly.

A wake ceremony will be held Tuesday evening and the funeral will be Wednesday in Menominee Falls.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Left: Kari Haynes poses for a photo upon her return from Germany
Below: Participate in the poll on Kari Haynes divorced name
A katandmick photo