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June 13, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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    August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes at The Royal Scot and Dinner

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A katandmick photo
Peg and Dan VanLanen
                   fter making a shocking announcement last week to end the time honored tradition of the Independence Day celebration, the VanLanen's have reversed their decision and will continue to host the annual event at their modest Town of Oneida home.

A tearful Peg VanLanen announced last week in the face of criticism from disappointed family members that the annual Independence Day celebration held at the VanLanen home for the past 45 years would continue. The 60 year old bus aid told the crowd gathered at her door the news in spite of her announcement the week before to end the social event of the summer enjoyed by so many.

Even though the VanLanen's still plan to make a trek to the north woods to visit Shelly and Joel and the children on Sunday July 4 the couple will host the celebration on July 3rd. as usual. Those attending will not need to bring meat but Peg says do bring a dish to pass and the alcohol of your choice. The usual fireworks and campfire are scheduled as entertainment. A beverage cart pulled by a team of cats will be featured as a novelty at the party. This will replace the former exhibition of Dan VanLanen running from hole to hole whacking chipmunks with a bat as they stick out their head.

Chrissy Meeuwsen world traveler will be returning from the Peace Corps assignment she entered in to two years ago in Benin, Africa. Meeuwsen graduated college and decided that her destiny was to travel the world helping people. That is exactly what she did when she went to Africa, her first task was to meet with the president of Benin and hammer out a deal to build libraries and roads. After Meeuwsen parked her bulldozer she was instrumental in building buildings to serve the common good such as bath houses and coffee shops like Starbucks.
Meeuwsen is scheduled to leave the Benin August 13th and will fly into Green Bay for about a week to visit friends and her brother Adam, then will travel again to Florida to visit her mother and dad who now reside in the sunshine state. Meeuwsen's mother "Doats" as she is called by her family, is working two part
time jobs while her father "Ritchie" works part time at the library and conducts secret business deals on the Internet. Chrissy will be expected to wash windshields for hand outs and pick up bottles and cans to earn her keep according to her former Wisconsinite parental units.
Chrissy Meeuwsen
called "the bunkhouse" when much to her surprise she lost her balance and toppled over backwards falling to the ground with an enormous thud. Sobieck lay on the ground motionless as her son Hadyn peered at her through thick lenses as he watched in shock wondering if his mother would be able to get up after the accidental fall. He watched in horror wondering if the injury would be more serious causing spinal damage leaving his
Shelly Sobieck who works non stop was conducting cleaning operations in a part of their properties
mother paralyzed and in a wheel chair for the rest of her life inevitably leaving him with the task of changing her adult diapers and caring for her during his teen and young adult years when he should be enjoying the company of young women.

But before he could reason what would happen next she got up and all of his fears were forgotten.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Shelly Sobieck
Meeuwsen was asked by Peace Corps administration what she thought was the greatest benefit to her experience in Benin. Meeuwsen replied that she would no longer suffer allergies since she has been in Africa and contracted the parasite hookworm. The hookworm is known to enter the human body through the feet when walking near human feces. The parasite then makes it's home in the hosts intestinal tract.
A strange side effect of the parasite causes the human body to direct it's immune system to fight the parasite and stop all allergy symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing.
The hookworm