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June 27, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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    August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes at The Royal Scot and Dinner

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The two Hobart natives have found that what they thought was a union of steel has turned out to be a glob of unrefined pig iron which disintegrates under pressure.
Rick and Bobbi enjoy Christmas here at the KAMR, the couple has now separated again for a second time. 
A katandmick photo
                  ast weeks edition of The Newsletter indicated that the martial problems that Rick and Bobbi Poquette were having were all solved by an agreement hammered out by the couple at the last minute before divorce papers were to be served. Nothing could have been further from the truth and in fact several readers commented that the Internet ink was not even dry on our piece before Bobbi had posted curious comments on Facebook about the couples  new found agreement to try it again.

Few details have been released as to why this new plan to reunite is flawed but sources tell the KAMR that Rick Poquette has now removed his personal effects from the couple's domicile and that Bobbi Joy Poquette was so distraught that grandparents Dick and Cleen Poquette were pressed into service looking after the grandchildren Ryker Storm and  Riley. Dick and Cleen did not have the children over the weekend this week.

Although accusations of infidelity were thrust at both sides in the past, it is not known as to who's may be involved. A derogatory comment using clever cliches written by Cleen Poquette in Facebook got thumbs up from Bobbi Joy Poquette, Sarah Poquette, and Phoenix Daniels implying that the comment may have been directed at Rick Poquette, although that is not said.  Rick Poquette had no comment and continued to post his game results on his own facebook page.

A birthday celebration weekend hosted in good faith by the Sobieck Family was marred by an obvious attempt by the Prevost family to disrupt the celebration.

Kevin Sobieck, the eldest of the children of former Hobart residents Joe and Lola Sobieck celebrated his 50th birthday and many from the Poquette Family as well as personal friends of Trixie Sobieck, Kevin's spousal unit were invited to a birthday party Saturday night. Family and friends were put up at no charge by the Sobieck Family in homes the family had contracted for the celebration at their own expense.

The disruption began when Bailey Prevost played a video game with Snow Danforth which turned into a drinking game, somehow Snow, who claimed she was hooked on the game had lost every round. The result, Snow was sick and dizzy the complete next day.
Rick Prevost ran over the Krueger's dog (one of the 14 dogs present belonging to family members) breaking the pet's pelvis and pulling out clumps of hair. Prevost who appeared to be shaken by the incident claimed it was an "unavoidable" accident. Darla and
Dave and Darla Krueger brought the dog to the vet where it was cared for. Darla Krueger, the daughter of Joe and Lola Sobieck is the owner of the aforementioned Shear Dementia, spoken of many times before in The Newsletter.
As if enough damage had not been done by the family run rough shod, Stephonia Prevost overflowed the wash machine after dreaming up the idea to wash all the sheets in the house. Water poured from every floor opening to the basement as an inch of water covered the bathroom/laundry room floor of the north woods home. The floor was wet vacced and mopped and water was all but gone when the Prevost's were sent on their way with a sigh of relief. Kevin Sobieck commented that he was only 50 in actual years but after this weekend felt he was more like 60.

Ben Hansen son of Jean and Steve Hansen remains in a state of limbo today as his parents have prohibited him from driving for the time being after having an accident the same day he got his Wisconsin drivers license. Monday June 21st. Ben Hansen got his drivers license much to the chagrin of Jean Poquette Hansen who felt the boy was "not ready to drive" and recanted allowing the younger Hansen to get his license only after the boys father Steve convinced her that he would be OK. Steve procured his fathers pickup truck for the boy and that is the vehicle Ben had his accident in.
Apparently, Hansen 17 had visited a friend where several other friends had gathered. When he was about to leave he backed up into another boys car with his truck smashing in a quarter panel. No one was hurt but the boys mother was livid. Hansen says "I had my music really loud and didn't hear anything." I suspect he was referring to one of his new rap releases  he was working on.
Hansen left the boys home oblivious to the fact he had just smashed a car. Upon learning he had done the damage from a text message he dashed out to look at the back of his truck. He found a smashed tail light and yelled an expletive.

There's only a few days left to get your tickets for the T-Rats on the 17th. If you haven't paid yet you must get your cash here by Wed. to keep your reservation. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Ben Hansen
Rick Prevost