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May 9, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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    August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes of Golf at Royal Scot and Dinner

      Click here to register for the Poquette Family golf outing. Est. cost $16.50 walking $24.50 riding.
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Trixie picks up some tips from a pro golfer she knows who likes to help blondes
                 tephonia Prevost has made it official, the date has been set for the golf outing. It will be August 21st. at 1PM and it will be 9 holes on the Royal Scot Golf Course. I'm not sure if it has ever been mentioned before in this publication but the Prevost Mansion borders the Royal Scot.

Prevost made the reservations while at a "Fat Club" meeting here at the KAMR headquarters on her mobile radio telephone. Even though it is common knowledge that the device is unreliable she was able to limp through the call enough to secure a tee time of 1PM for 30 people.  The figure can be revised later to reflect the actual count as the date draws near.

In addition to making the arrangements at the Royal Scot she has said that she will be opening up 
Her mansion to guests after the 9 holes for an evening with dinner and merriment. Prevost who usually gives her staff off for the weekend will have her servants work on their day off to welcome tired golfers after their game. Guests will be treated to cocktails and hors devours prior to dinner says Prevost and after
dinner they can sit in the back yard and tell spooky stories by the fire.

Prevost was questioned about the details of the outing and a discussion erupted about who can attend the outing and who is forbidden. Jean Poquette-Hansen apparently is the attendance rule committee for all events, a fact that had escaped this reporter up to now. Poquette-Hansen declared
Host, Stephonia Prevost
Saturday that any non family member is allowed to golf in the event as long as they are pre-approved by her. Jean Poquette-Hansen: "People with the first name of Stacie will likely not be granted access. I don't know any Stacie's that would be worthy of my
approval." Poquette-Hansen went on to say that she approved of Jeremy Rezek attending because he would be a member of the family only a couple of months after the outing anyway.

After the confirmation of the event a discussion erupted about which club is better for a sand trap, and Trixie Sobieck insists a sand wedge is better than a pitching wedge. Most of the group queried opted for a pitching wedge but Sobieck stuck to her guns and insisted the sand wedge is the way to go as taught to her by a professional golfing friend.

A registration sheet for the outing will be posted on this website.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
This week was to be a week of jubilance for Ben Hansen where he would finally win his independence. But it was not to be and Hansen still is at the mercy of adults for transportation.

According to an unnamed source, Hansen took the test on Thursday and failed to pass the road
examination. According to the official D.O.T. examiner Hansen was "traveling too slow" and in her opinion was "too cautious." Hansen who had been looking forward to Saturday's "Fat Club" meeting brunch, was reportedly so embarrassed by the failure that he decided not to go citing the possibility
of public ridicule at the hands of Fat Club members.

Hansen's mother, Jean Poquette-Hansen could not understand how anyone would know that he did not pass the exam and didn't see why he shouldn't attend. Poquette-Hansen also made choice remarks along with racial slurs about the examiner who was apparently the same one that failed her 4 times.

Even though the official reason he did not pass is going too slow the examiner also mentioned that he had been riding around with his coat hanging out the door and his turn signal on, but she didn't note that in the papers. So Hansen escaped ridicule but will have to face the examiner again but it is not know when his next test will be. When we know the date we will publish that information here on The Newsletter.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Ben Hansen