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May 16, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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    August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes of Golf at The Royal Scot and Dinner

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                      hat became a daily routine in one mans life for over 5 years came to an end abruptly this week as Bunky Pickett, told route managers at The Green Bay Press Gazette this past week he was giving his one month notice.
PG carriers are required to give a one month notice to the paper to ensure enough time for managers to acquire and train another carrier, or lose $1, 000 in revenue.

Pickett 37 had accepted another part time job at Roll Tech, another machine company in the same industrial park as his primary job, Nelson
Machine. Pickett is to work 6 hours per night 4 nights per week at Roll Tech and have every week end off. He accepted the Roll Tech job hoping he could get out of his route in a hurry, he had told the manager that he would like to leave as soon as possible should another candidate emerge to hand the torch off to. As luck would have it a PG delivery veteran apparently had eyed the route previously because he jumped on the immediate opening allowing management to waive the one month exit procedure allowing Bunk to discontinue his services on Monday May 17th. I had offered, and was prepared to take over daily delivery for him should it have been necessary so he could achieve the proper amount of sleep needed for his other two jobs.

The Press Gazette staff told Bunk that if he ever wanted to or needed a part time delivery job again to come back.

As many of you know I have substituted for Bunk on every second weekend and this past weekend was my turn to run the route. It was bittersweet news to hear of the end of the route but I was glad to be able to run the route this one last time giving me to say farewell to a hand full of friends at the terminal and a few customers I got to know. This time of the year is the best time to run delivery considering we are done with winter and nearing the end of the rainy season. I didn't mind it so much in the summer but absolutely dreaded winter delivery especially with the type of winter we had two winters ago with frequent snow and banks as high as the telephone wires.

Those of you who have received sample papers from our delivery service in the past will now have to purchase them at local retail as we will no longer be a reliable source.
Bunky Pickett
Robert "Bob" Appleton passed away Saturday May 15 at a local nursing home at age 92. Appleton was best known for running his service station in Oneida at the corner of Service Road and County U.
Oneida consisted of Bob's gas station, two grocery stores and two bars and another gas station during the time of Appleton's existence in the town. The one grocery store owned by "Spike" Schroeder was more popular than Morgan's store and according to the Kat Appleton and Schroeder were the business tycoons of Oneida. Robert is survived by

his daughter Mary Claire, who was married incidentally to the Schroeder's son Bruce also now deceased, his son Francis, Robert "Bob" Appleton, and his daughter Catherine Reha.

Appleton was preceded in death by two wives, June who passed away in 1976 and Kay who passed away in 1998.

Lance accepted manhood in the church today as the minister laid his hands on his head and said the proper words to transform the youth into a man while a crowd of onlookers of over 400 looked on.

A small gathering met at the Pickett home in the Town of Oneida on Janz CT. and celebrated with sandwiches and cake after the 1 hour and 17 minute ceremony at the church.
Robert "Bob" Appleton
A katandmick file photo
Lance Diego Pickett