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May 30, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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    August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes of Golf at The Royal Scot and Dinner

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              aturnday afternoon began as most do for Jean Poquette Hansen with her dogs and fiance resting at her feet, but it didn't take long before she was missing one of them. I'm talking about one of the dogs of course. The dog named Baxter which has become nicknamed "Bastard" over time seemed to be missing and Jean Poquette-Hansen decided to call out around the neighborhood to see if he would return. She casually strolled the upper class blocks to see if the beagle had been smitten with a higher class poodle lets say, but alas there was no answer to her K9 beaconing.
Baxter better known as "Bastard"
The dog was let out of his confinement in the computer room and after sigh of relief and a short reunion complete with kisses and hugs Poquette-Hansen bid the beagle farewell and the couple left to meet their party already enjoying the concert in De Pere. 
Soon after Poquette-Hansen had fulfilled her required daily exercise quota, she realized that the dog in question would bolt from her anyway should he be found in the restricted area Poquette-Hansen had
With the dogs return seemingly delayed for some time to come, James Seidl Poquette-Hansen's live in fiance, decided to put in some time on the yard and his prize winning flower beds picking up and weeding while Poquette-Hansen paced and rung her hands in worry about her baby. 
forbid him to visit many times before. She decided to wait out the situation at her palatial Greenleaf home hoping the animal would return before she was to leave to meet with friends and family at Celebrate De Pere. He did not, and Poquette-Hansen was becoming frustrated as the hour was late and she needed to leave for De Pere as soon as possible.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
While Seidl weeded a flower bed close to the house and trimmed his azaleas he noticed that he could hear whimpering within the home. He stopped for a moment and thought, could it be? He listened again, closely, thinking Poquette-Hansen may have burst into tears over the
absence of the animal and the whimpers he heard was the agony she suffered while scenarios with unhappy endings raced through her mind. But after a second time of hearing the sounds coming from the couples computer room it was indeed a dog, it was Baxter and he wanted to come out and be with Seidl.

Seidl immediately burst into the house with the overwhelming news to a nearly heart broken Poquette-Hansen.
James Seidl
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck director of activities at Birch Creek Assisted living in De Pere has terminated her colleague and best friend Cassidy Behnke at the facility on North 10th. Street.
Cassidy Behnke
Behnke who had worked at the facility before Sobieck, was walked to the door on Friday by security personal and told by Sobieck not to return. The cold hearted Sobieck when asked why Behnke was terminated replied: "It is simply business, cuts to staff had to be made to survive and Cassidy was not needed."  Behnke who hastily collected a few mementoes and keepsakes of deceased
residents she had befriended over the past 20 years wept while security looked on to prevent her from removing company items from the premises.

While official reasons for the termination of the 43 year old assistant activity director remain unclear it it thought that Behnke was fired because she objected to Sobieck's policy of forcing residents to work long hours in her sweat shop. Sobieck is well known for badgering the elderly residents into working for pennies an hour on her own enterprise, making craft items which she sold on a  wholesale deal to Wal-Mart, her former employer. Behnke says that her plans are to "move on" and not to return with a machine gun mowing down employees at random causing a disturbing massacre.  

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
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