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September 5, 2010

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Should the Poquette Family Golf Outing continue and become an annual event??
Yes, it was great and I would go again.
I would go again if Barrack Obama is there.
Have it if you want but I'll never go again.
No it sucked and should never be held again.

A katandmick file photo
                       n October 10 Sunday afternoon Angela Marie Hovell and David Michael Poquette will be united in marriage. Dave Poquette the son of Michael Poquette and former wife Sherry will be married in a private ceremony. He and his new wife will celebrate their union at the Sports Corner, located on Grant Street in De Pere where they will be surrounded by family and friends. 

It is not known if Michael Poquette will be on hand for the wedding but it is thought that he would be here to witness the marriage and greet family members. It is not known where Poquette is currently employed but he has held jobs at local gas stations and the now defunct De Pere Hollywood Video. David's sister Mary was married two years ago in August to Michael Birder and they celebrated their wedding at the Hobart Town Hall. The Birders have since separated.

The wedding will occur only a little more than a week after another family member, Brittany Sobieck will be married herself and become Mrs. Jeremy Rezik.

Jessica Poquette, long time manager of a local Green Bay lending institution Check Mate, decided to leave the firm citing declining business since new lending regulations were enacted.
Poquette who said she could see the handwriting on the wall, went on to say that since Wisconsin had outlawed the practice of car title loans and most other type of quick short term loans her company's need to keep her on at the business would be in jeopardy. Poquette would like to continue working in the lending
Jessica and one of her many awards
business and has enrolled in classes at UWGB to bolster her education to help break into the banking business.

For the interim period until she can secure a job in the lending industry she has found a nice abandoned shopping cart and has begun collecting aluminum cans and bottles to make her house payments. She has also found that those items found in the dumpster behind the day old bakery in De Pere are not as bad as people say they are.
While it was thought that interest in the golf outing would wane after this years event was critically acclaimed it seems that nothing could be further from the truth. Respondents to last weeks poll are 75% in favor of returning for another event next year. Two people say that they will only attend if Barrack Obama is there and one voter says he or she will not return. Voting continues so if you have not voted please do so. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
David Michael Poquette at an earlier time