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February 6, 2011

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           ean Poquette-Hansen has announced on Saturday that she will wed James Seidl at the Turkey Bowl this year. The ceremony which is to be carried out at halftime will be on the field. Details as to who will actually marry the couple are not yet known but Stephonia Prevost offered to look into becoming a minister for The Universal Life Church.

The couple got engaged in August of 2008 on a trip to the north woods and Seidl proposed at a park in Michigan (see story here). Poquette-Hansen has been with Seidl for the past 10 years and was open to the idea of marriage but for tax reasons decided
A katandmick photo
to hold off on the marriage until her son, the youngest of the family reached 18 years of age. That magic age bracket will be reached by the Hansen boy May 21 of this year. As a wedding present Poquette-Hansen expects the boy, who graduates from high school this spring to move out of the house by the time the wedding occurs.
Seidl,  a truck driver usually spends his week gallivanting about the country, but on the weekends is often home to be with his future bride. At this time it is unclear if he is back home or if he even has been notified of the wedding date. The final decision was made Saturday during a "Fat Club" meeting here at the KAMR headquarters. A short discussion preceded the decision with some favoring a summertime wedding at a pleasant outdoor venue. Poquette-Hansen reminded those who suggested that about the buckets of perspiration that pour off of Seidl if he even just looks at a picture of an outdoor summer gathering. Poquette-Hansen who is constantly pressured by her sisters as to when the wedding day will be gave in to demands and agreed to hold the affair at the annual football event hosted by the Sobieck's at Poquette Field. With a 2 PM kick off the halftime wedding should occur about 3:15 PM.

The Kat offered to make the football bride a special "cheerleader bridal fleece" to be worn at the event. Poquette-Hansen agreed but did not demand the garment be bedazzled like previous cheerleader garb.
Ben Hansen
Poquette-Hansen's daughters who usually do not attend the Turkey Bowl are expected to be on hand this year as will be some relatives of Seidl. When the idea came up to have the event at the Turkey Bowl a query was made as to how Seidl's relatives would feel about the wedding being held at the game. Poquette-Hansen commented that there is only a handful of relation that would attend anyway and that they would not mind sitting down with Turkey Bowl regulars to partake at the football/wedding feast.

Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck suggested that for this event that the main dish become fried chicken instead of the traditional turkey that is served. She went on to
say that Festival Foods in De Pere could provide enough fried chicken to feed the masses at the event and that it would be a lot easier for everyone if the main course was purchased and picked up just before dinner. Sobieck thinks that the meal for the wedding, football game combination should be held after the game instead of before so it would be more like a traditional
wedding with the dinner in the evening. Those who play in the game prefer to eat after the game anyway. So far it is thought that this is the only wedding that will occur in the Poquette Family this year. Poquette-Hansen has yet to announce brides maids and Seidl yet to name groomsmen. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
This will be the scene this year at the Turkey Bowl as Jean and James wed