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June 26, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
Tickets $9.00 Each - Box seats section 104. Click here to view seating.
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Saturday August 13, 2011
Poquette Family Golf Outing
$25 per person includes cart at The Royal Scot in New Franken
Pot luck dinner after golf at the Prevost Mansion
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A katandmick photo
                      aron Meeuwsen has undergone open heart surgery to repair a valve that was not working in his heart.

Meeuwsen 39, was actually serving time on a bench warrant from an old traffic violation and had gone to court that day. He was going to get a couple of days of Huber and was checking in when the medical condition became critical. He was rushed to hospital from the Jail and went immediately to the surgical unit where he received open heart surgery to repair the valve. Because he was actually in jail when the condition occurred his time in hospital counted and his obligation to the people is fulfilled and he is discharged from Huber.

Without the operation Meeuwsen needed 19 blood pressure medications and since the procedure he is only on one. He is on dialysis and is receiving that in hospital. As of Saturday morning he has not regained full consciousness. He responds when people speak to him but goes back to sleep when no one is talking to him. It is not known why this condition persists. Mary Ann Meeuwsen, Aaron's mother and one time Floridian explained that his condition is fragile and he is in intensive care.

As reported in the KAMR back on May 8 (see story here), Ellie Sobieck misjudged the location of a creek and tumbled in with her uncles ATV. Now the
Aaron Meeuwsen runs the cash register at The Blackstone Family Restaurant in Green Bay, his former employer
same incident has happened to another VanLanen. Elizabeth the daughter of Bob VanLanen drove off the culvert and went into the awaiting abyss surrounding the VanLanen property. Carelessness is thought to be at work because the children are piling up in the creek, the children are just not watching
Elizibeth VanLanen
where they are going, although Shelly Sobieck believes there is a bigger plan and it is natural selection where only the strong survive and the weak perish.

Cheryl Purshock has accepted a job in the Air Force in California near Sacramento.
The move slated to take place the end of July is expected to go smoothly with the Purshocks purchasing a home in the nations most volatile housing market. Purshock says that real estate in California is at all time lows and nice homes can be had at rock bottom prices due to the huge amount of foreclosures. When the deal is finalized this
home will be the third one the Purshocks own with one in Illinois and another in Florida. The purshocks rent out the home in Illinois and are living in the one in Florida. They are hoping to rent the Florida residence to the children when they are gone.
Purshock is expected to stay at the job in California for 5 years where at that time she can retire with full pension.
Purshock has held some type of job in the Air Force since her high school graduation.

Steve Purshock who is an excellent cook is planning on finding work as a chef in California. Purshock who has managed large kitchens in the past such as hospitals and military bases hopes to perhaps go back into the management end of the food operation at some point.
Steve Purshock
The VanLanen's will be hosting their annual 4th of July party again this year and it will be on the actual 4th of July which is one week from tomorrow. Dan and Peg VanLanen will supply food but if you would like to bring a dish to pass than call Peg at 920-869-2603.
The VanLanens have hosted the party for the last 40 years and said they will continue to do so until they can't walk. Fireworks are approved for the event so if there are any you would like to bring to set off than do so. The early afternoon meal is followed by rich conversation in the back yard seating region which will feature a campfire later
in the afternoon. As usual a beverage cart pulled by a team of cats will periodically pass through the crowd offering you a glass of pink lemonade. Those interested in alcohol or soda however are encouraged to bring their own.

A number of tickets for the Timber Rattler Outing July 30th have not yet have been paid for. I will be at the 4th party collecting so bring your money if you have not yet paid.

In honor of Kevin and Trixie's 28 year anniversary there will be an Indian taco meal here at the KAMR headquarters in the Town of Oneida Friday night. The event is to begin at about 5 or 5:30 PM and will feature homemade fry bread Indian tacos. For those who are not enamored with Indian tacos Trixie says she will bring chicken from Festival Foods as well.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Dan VanLanen
Cheryl Purshock