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October 30, 2011
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                  randon and Clara Pickett have sold their old home and snapped up a foreclosure in the town of Lawrence.

For over a year Brandon and Clara Pickett have been planning to sell their modest Ashwaubenon home at 1408 Lindale Drive but did not get serious about it until August. That's when the couple decided to put up a small sign in their front yard notifying the public of their desire to sell. After only a month and a half a couple stopped to say they were interested in the home and wanted to take a closer look.

The Picketts purchased the home in September of 2005 (see story here) and found the home to be adequate for their needs. Brandon spent a couple of
years building a rec room in the basement as well as making improvements to the rest of the home. One of the major tasks they did was to remodel the kitchen. The out of style cupboards were originally fitted with veneer plywood doors with the conventional "raised panel" design
routed into the door face. This was an inexpensive way to produce higher quality looking doors with little effort, however with the proliferation of manufactured true raised panel doors these doors are now considered shoddy and out of style. Brandon had someone come in and reface all the cupboards and replace all the doors with real raised panel doors.

The new home located at 2834 Whistling Wind Drive in the town of Lawrence is located just west of County D or Lost Dauphin Drive in a wooded area near where the old Brown County Sanitarium was. The lot is larger than most in the neighborhood at just under 2 acres, and as an added bonus the back of the lot is adjacent to the Canadian National Railroad. That means the family will be able to enjoy train watching from the comfort of their living room, and little Lucie will be able to make her way to the right of way and sit near by waiting for one of the 150 car coal trains so she can wave to the engineer!  This benefit is almost worth the purchase price alone.

The offer that was made by the couple has been accepted by the bank and they have already been told that papers can be signed December 7 making the home theirs. The family vacated their Ashwabenon home October 11 and turned over the keys to the new owner, since that time they have been staying at Clara's parents home also located in the town of Lawrence near Little Rapids 1.67 miles from the new home.
Brandon Pickett
A katandmick photo
Clara Pickett says that she will miss the convenience of being able to run to the store at a moments notice and
pick up what ever she needs but she is looking forward to being able to live out of town with no close neighbors to bother her. She said that in Ashwaubenon the neighbors were so close that it could get tense if someone ran their leaf blower too long or if a neighbor didn't approve of what you were doing in your yard. She says that her daughter Ashley was sad to leave the home and friends she had grown up with in
the neighborhood but then again Clara said that she was sad when she bought a new car and got rid of the old one.

Clara's sister Val Snell Tingley also lives in the town of Lawrence on Wizard Way near Hemlock School 2.55 miles from their new home, making the Snell daughters within walking distance of each other. Also near the new home is Lucie's baby sitter in De Pere which means that will be less miles to drive to pick up kids. The children will attend classes in the West De Pere school system which means Max and Lucie will be in school together.

It is unknown if there will be a housewarming party with the move so close to Christmas. The Pickett's have not hinted
Clara Pickett
The Picketts new home at 2834 Whistling Wind will become theirs in December
as to when or if there will be a party. Brandon was asked if he would be able to get the calendars done by Thanksgiving and he said he has lots of time now that he is homeless. 

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Pickett's old home 1408 Lindale dr.