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October 2, 2011
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A tearful Julius "Willy" Cornelius announced Wednesday that he had torn his MCL.
               ulius "Willy" Cornelius announced at a small gathering reporters Wednesday that his appearance at this years Turkey Bowl was in Jeopardy due to a torn MCL. The MCL or medial collateral ligament is one of four ligaments that surround the knee providing stability. While the injury to the ligament is painful it is not as debilitating as a torn ACL, the anterior cruciate ligament. It is rare that surgery is needed to repair this injury.

Cornelius will not be playing in the interim but still hopes to make an appearance in the annual thanksgiving classic. Cornelius: "I think I can wrap and brace it for TBXII. Cornelius a cornerstone of the offence for the Hobart Blue Jell-O's has only missed one game since the inception of the Thanksgiving Day tradition due to another knee injury.

Squad leader of the Blue Jell-O's cheerleaders Jean Poquette-Hansen angered by the injury warned
A katandmick photo
Willy Cornelius sits dejected after injuring his knee
Cornelius to be in shape for the holiday game and suggested he "man up" on her facebook page and get his injured body ready to play. The other two members of the Axis of evil chimed in suggesting that Poquette-Hansen was
insensitive and only cared about winning and not about Willy, Trixie and Stephonia are cheerleaders for the Oneida Red Gobblers. Both used the opportunity to forward their own agenda with Trixie touting her status as "the nicest member of the Axis of Evil" and Stephonia seeing this as yet another reason for her Aunt Kat to make cut out cookies.

With all the hub bub about the injury status of the Blue Jell-O captain, Justin Sobieck has stepped up to the plate and announced on Thursday that he will be coming out of retirement and will be going all out to help in this Hobart Blue Jell-O crisis.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Sobieck a veteran of the game since TB I  retired after TB X in 2009 saying he had been missing too much hunting and too many opportunities to run his snowmobile in the water up north. (see Newsletter January 2005)
Sobieck in early Turkey Bowls was known for running out of the game holding something injured then coming in two plays later, but in his 2009 appearance proved to be a key player in the Blue Jell-O's victory. Sobieck nearly achieved MVP status in TB X. After the stunning athletic display Sobieck decided to "go out on top" and retired, however with his team floundering last year loosing to the Oneida Red Gobblers and the team captain
Justin Sobieck
hurt Sobieck has decided to come back to help out the team.

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