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The News for Sunday October 16, 2016
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School Trip at UWGB; Drug Trip, That Is!
Crystal Koch with her son Xavier Kade or X-Man for short
​Crystal Blue Bananas and Nathan Koch were married at a bay side ceremony on Saturday at Navarre Beach's famous "Wedding House"
Even though Saturday was overcast and windy there was plenty of light and sunshine coming from the hearts of Crystal and Nathan during their beach side wedding at the famous "Wedding House", Navarre Beach near Fort Walton Beach Florida. The Former Crystal Blue Bananas is now Crystal Koch and husband to a man who at one time was her next door neighbor.
The wedding, held in the back yard of the wedding house is the perfect setting for the ceremony the size that Crystal and Nathan planned with everything needed for the event right on premises. An arch provided the back drop for the area where the ceremony took place and wooden chairs were set up in neat rows for those in attendance to view the ceremony. Those attending didn't have to sit long, after the wedding party arrived up front the actual vows and promises took about 10 minutes. The grand march followed along with the father daughter dance and mother son dance prior to dinner which consisted of about 10 different varieties of pizza. Premixed drinks and beer were served for refreshments with cheese platters and later wedding cake. A DJ provided music with a few karaoke selections thrown in. The evening wrapped up about 1 AM with most of the guests gone by midnight.

Blue Bananas son known to most as Lade, actually firmed up a new identity with his real first name Xavier (see newsletter of his birth here). This writer took the liberty to shorten the name to X-Man to coolify his identify even further. When presented with the name change Kade asked "why are you outing me?" but relaxed and became cool with it after the X-Man moniker was adopted. X-Man gave a heart rendering speech and toast to his mother and her new husband after all the other toasts were given and captured everyone's heart with his words. Truly a gentleman and eager to please X-Man is a pleasure to have around and Crystal can be very proud of her son.

Cheryl Purshock was all set to retire this year but when she checked on her status she found that she had two years to go before she was eligible for full military retirement. Purshock, now living and working in California plans to move back to Florida upon retirement and go to college. When asked what classes she would take she stated that she was so impressed by the singing of her sisters that she wanted to take singing lessons. Purshock expects to have to take some family leave when her husband Steve has back surgery in the next few weeks. Steve is plagued by a collapsed disk in his back and is expecting to have an operation at the V.A. hospital.  The accumulated leave can be used to start her retirement sooner but some adjustments will have to be made for the leave she is planning to use for the surgery.