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December 2, 2012
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      n an order made by the State of Wisconsin Ben Hansen had to surrender his drivers license to the state.

Ben Hansen has had bad luck ever since he has graduated high school. Hansen, 19 has now had his license revoked on top of all his other bad luck because of his last accident back in August. (See story here) Initial reports of the accident listed the cause as falling asleep at the wheel however the story he gave the attending officer is somewhat different story. According to Hansen's mother Jean Poquette-Seidl 50, he told the police that he "blacked out". This condition is one that cannot be tolerated by someone behind the wheel and the State of Wisconsin revoked his license pending an all clear from a medical doctor.

Hansen walked away from the accident with only minor cuts and scrapes but the longer lasting effect of the loss of his license haunts him yet to this day. Hansen has not yet sought help for his medical condition citing his lack of available cash and the absence of medical insurance. Hansen, not wanting to run up a huge medical bill is avoiding going to the doctor and monitoring his health at home. Staying at his mothers house Hansen reports that he has not had any other black outs to his knowledge. He says he's alone so much that he "can't know" if he has one.

Hansen now without a vehicle and unable to drive even if he had one, must be driven to work every day and must rely on his friends for social transportation. He is trying to raise money to pay for a doctor visit and says he will accept donations from anyone, which will be put toward medical bills should he collect enough to make an appointment.
Ben Hansen stands in the foreground as emergency crews figure out how to get his car, purchased the day before, out from under the trailer.
Born 11/21/12 at children's hospital in Milwaukee. 7lbs8oz. 20 1/2". Greyson was born with a couple heart defects, that will require some surgeries. Greyson's stomach is on the right side of his abdomen and not attached. This will require surgery 1st to attached his stomach to the abdomen wall, to prevent his stomach from twisting around his intestines. He is a fighter and soon to be on the road to recovery.
The family (Blackie and Shannon) would like to bring Greyson home for Christmas but that is unlikely due to his recovery from surgery of the aforementioned heart defects. The family will keep us up to date as he recovers.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Greyson Cornelius