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Nov. 17, 2013
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A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
             t was made official on Saturday when Christine Meeuwsen's mother Mary (Doats) announced that her daughter would not be returning to play in the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game known as the Turkey Bowl.

Meeuwsen 33,disclosed her plan not to attend  during the week in a private conversation with her family. Team members distraught over the announcement hurriedly made plans to ready a new kicker for the event as Meeuwsen bows out of her kicking job at least for this year. It is not known why Meeuwsen who was recently given the green light to kick with her club leg decided not to play. Previously the league deemed the female kicker unfit having too much of an advantage using her club leg to boot the pigskin while the other team merely had a straight, skinny legged kicker. 

Meeuwsen who admirably spent two years in the Peace Corp after college returned to her native home of Suamico Wisconsin after her PC stint. After mulling over plans of what to do with her life
Meeuwsen being greeted by fans waiting to see her awesome club leg kicks
she eventually ruled out nursing and football as a career and has lowered her standards deciding to become a lawyer. She currently studies at Davis University in California. Meeuwsen lives a short drive away from Cheryl and Steve Purshock and they have sought each other out be with family during the past holidays.
Christine Meeuwsen
Justin Sobieck power running back for the Blue Jell-
O's disclosed yesterday that he has abandoned his poop chart he kept for so many years. His "logging" of bowl movements and how often they occurred was a meaningful "duty" in his life and the graph he kept went up and down for years. Sobieck made the
Justin Sobieck
other items at the sale if he had not waited but reasoned later that he would have just bought "Crap". He said he stopped the poop chart graph in 2011.

Sobieck's brother Logan noticeably worried about something confided later that with the recent bullying in the NFL and his bully problems in Wyoming he is concerned about being bullied by team mates in the Turkey Bowl.  Justin reassured him that he will protect him at all costs.


As was disclosed in the Christmas edition of The Newsletter Adam Meeuwsen proposed marriage to Amanda Van De Hei. The couple has announced their chosen date for the wedding. Nearly a year away the couple has chosen October 4, 2014 as their wedding day.
"The Fat Club" a biweekly get together for overweight and gossip undernourished females has planned a special session for this coming Saturday. The group has decided to hold the special meeting in honor of returning sister Cheryl Purshock who will be visiting her native land and enjoying the Turkey Bowl.

That's all the news that is news see ya.
announcement after returning from an auction where he waited to bid on a truck that he didn't get anyway. He lamented that he could have purchased