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September 22, 2013
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                      hen John Poquette decided to retire from his "business" he sought out compensation from the US Government for pain and suffering stemming from his service to the military while stationed in Vietnam.

Poquette 64, the war hero of the family served his country proudly as he began his adult life, but after service his troubles began to mount. Unable to focus on any job he went from one employer to another until he was unable to find meaningful employment. Poquette survived over the years by doing odd jobs for cash and selling property at a discount rate.

While bouncing in and out of trouble Poquette managed to fall into a deal whereby he was able to own property in Las Vegas, Nevada. While he married early in life that marriage failed after a short period. Never without a woman at his side Poquette went from one town to another seeking some stability in his life. Finally after a visit to the VA Poquette was able to receive a disability check each month. Even though Poquette earns nearly $3000 per month that is still not the top amount he could make. If Poquette would be able to qualify for the 100% benefit he could earn almost $5000 per month. He received the current benefit after a friend of his was able to convince the VA that he deserved it.

While the disability check is substantial Poquette has no other source of income and subsides on that single source only. Plagued by problems his whole life this American war hero never accumulated enough work history to earn the benefit of social security and will never receive an SSI check. He continues to seek the additional benefit to bring his disability check to 100 percent.
John Poquette conducting business
John Poquette's health history has been checkered, and while he at one time bragged of being shot (Newsletter December 2007) the story was yet another hoax and he never was injured. He had suffered a heart attack in 2003 (Newsletter August 2003) however and had to be patched up by the generosity of the good people of Utah since he was a guest at their hotel. Since that time he has experienced some heart palpations and sought out answers for that condition, however his patience ran out after doctors expected him to stay in the hospital over a weekend to receive tests to determine what the problem was.
Health benefits are free of charge from the VA as well but are not up to the standards that Poquette would like, as seen by his inconvenience of their request for him to be hospitalized over a weekend. 

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