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A katandmick photo
Sarah Poquette in a photo montage
arah Poquette once known for her trying to convince the local priest of her devilish wichen ways says that her visit to Wisconsin after 4 years is just about over. Poquette, 28 now has two children of her own and is on track to raise her family on the Eastern seaboard. Her soul mate Phoenix Daniels did not accompany her to her visit to the Badger State, instead remained in Delaware continuing to work.
Daniels who aspired to be a musician was never able to culminate a grouping of people with like interests in music to form what's known as a band to perform but still hopes to some day. Daniels lived in Wisconsin for a short period but after being unable to find work he convinced his soul mate Sarah "Angel" Poquette to move with him back to his home of Delaware. The couple did not move however before producing the child known as Ann Marie. in October of 2010. See birth announcement here. Daniels has called Sarah "Angel" ever since that time and at one time Sarah identified her self and Mrs. Daniels leading this writer to believe the couple was at one time secretly married. After extensive investigation no evidence of a wedding taking place was ever uncovered. With that said, that fact does not mean however the the wedding didn't happen, we still continue to look for evidence.

AM, who is the spitting image of Sarah when she was that age speaks little but loves to ride on Grandpa Dick's golf cart, as was witnessed on Saturday last when all the children present at Sarah's going away party climbed on the cart and where whisked away by this writer.  All of us made trips into the field where the children picked through various papers blowing in the wind along with old car parts and curious rocks. Some children were allowed to drive the golf cart but only under my supervision and I was in control of the throttle and brake. Only one child, Cole Pickett, drove the cart into a continuous narrowing opening between The Sobieck's pool deck and a tree causing us to back out of the trap and motor around their fire pit.

The party which was sparsely attended featured sloppy joes and ham sandwiches along with numerous deserts and a host of beverages in the fridge. Many favorable comments were directed toward Cleen complimenting her on her potato salad, and it was a tasty dish. Sarah is expected to leave Wisconsin on Memorial Day or shortly before to head back to Delaware where Phoenix awaits the return of his family.