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August 8, 2010

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August 21, 2010 1 PM 9 Holes at The Royal Scot and Dinner

Click here to register or see who's going to the Poquette Family golf outing. Est. cost $16.50 walk $24.50 ride.
Left: Kari Haynes poses for a photo upon her return from Germany
Below: Participate in the poll on Kari Haynes divorced name.
See last weeks newsletter for explanation.
A katandmick photo

What last name should Kari Haynes use after her divorce?
Stick with Kari Haynes
Use her maiden name of Wenzel
Have her last name legally chaged to Obama

Sarah Angel Poquette, Oneida's local wichen will be the center of attention September 11 th as she will be honored with a baby shower given by her mother Cleen Poquette. Angel Poquette who is due in October, has joined with Phoenix Daniels to bring a new baby into the world. The couple live in the apartments located just east of Sarah Angel Poquette's homestead.
Sarah Angel Poquette who declared openly at the interview for her confirmation that she is a wichen, is the head of a local chapter of wichens located in the Village of Hobart. Although Angel Poquette is no longer active in the black lifestyle since her pregnancy, it is unknown if she will revert to the occult after her baby is
born  or just how the baby
will affect her Wicheness.

The Shower will be held September 11 at the home of Sarah Angel's parents, Dick and Cleen Poquette Poquette who live at 747 Florist Drive in the Village of Hobart. The shower starts at 2:30 PM and is guaranteed to be a good time with guests bringing a dish to pass and even a hint that there will be alcoholic refreshments brought as well. Tickets to the event need not be purchased ahead of time and admission will be free at the door. Cleen would like everyone to RSVP by August 27. Sarah Angel Poquette is registered at: Walmart, Toys R Us, and Target.

It's not too late to register for the golf outing August 21st. those interested can register up until the day before. Tee time is tentatively set for 1:30 PM. That's all the news that is news see ya.
Local Oneida Wichen Sarah Angel Poquette
               aturday was the day that Stephonia Prevost hosted a bridal shower for former Oneida Harlot Brittany Sobieck. Sobieck who is to be married in early October arrived with friends in tow to the Prevost Mansion located on the back nine of the Royal Scot Golf Course. Prevost who usually gives her domestic staff Saturdays off was forced to have the staff work on their day off, but of course Prevost promised the crew overtime pay for the event. 

A group of about 35 attended the affair in the back yard of the mansion with many guests indulging in the buffet set up in the mansion and returning to the rose garden to dine. Many of the same guests who attended the shower remembered the Sobieck anniversary and the pleasure they had sitting on the picnic tables constructed for the occasion by Kevin Sobieck. Some wondered why similar tables were not constructed by the Prevosts for the party, all of course while Stephonia was out of earshot. Still, others could be heard wondering out loud when not in the presence of Prevost why the deck had not been stained prior to the party. Perhaps someone should have suggested it prior to the party. The servants cannot be relied upon to construct lawn furniture or do maintenance on the deck because they are elderly and the Prevosts just keep them on the staff because they need the money.

Brittany Sobieck was pleased at the turnout to the event and enjoyed every minute of the party.
She was however disappointed at the pornography portion of the party which turned out to be less than what the guests expected. Several of those in attendance voiced their displeasure and the
video was removed. The big hit of the party was the presentation by the local Pure Romance representative. The lady introduced several new devices sure to stimulate even the most disinterested partner.
Brittany Sobieck