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The News for Sunday October 2, 2016
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School Trip at UWGB; Drug Trip, That Is! 
cording to close friend and confidant Stephonia Prevost Eileen Trixie Sobieck will undergo tests on Monday to determine why her heart is working at only 50 percent. Prevost went on to say that Sobieck had complained of bouts of exhaustion and generally feeling tired but chalked it up to extra work she had done besides her job at Sybil Hopp School on her daughter Brittany's house. 
​Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck relaxes on a hot summer day in her backyard pool
Sobieck, tight lipped about the procedure up to now took a few minutes Saturday night to explain. While attending a gala event intended to raise money for women's breast cancer research at Chicago Street Pub and Grill in East De Pere original site of The Swan Club, Sobieck  elaborated on her ailment. She said that a test that already had been done revealed that her heart is beating only on one side while the other side only quivers an does not expand and contract as the other side does. Monday she will  undergo a heart catherization whereby  a tube will be inserted in her groin and her arteries will be examined for blockage. Testing already done has revealed that her blood work is excellent say's Sobieck as told to her by her doctor. 

Instructions given to her by the doctor of course included rest and little or no activity before the procedure. That order sparked a response from Sobieck stating that she would be attending last nights fund raising party in De Pere to which the doctor said: "You can't dance" Sobieck replied with a tongue-in-cheek response "I know how to dance, why would you think I can't?" According to Sobieck the doctor remained stoic and reaffirmed his warning while the attending nurse laughed hysterically clearly illustrating the fact that doctors have no sense of humor.   

Sobieck brushed off the procedure as "no big deal" while others such as friends and relatives were less inclined to be so caviler about the upcoming tests. This writer has had some experience with such procedures and as Sobieck has been already told stents may be put in and there is a limit of three, anything more and open heart surgery will be needed. Consent has already been given to do just that if what is found warrants such a procedure, therefore it could be routine or it could get more complicated as  things progress. 

Jeremy and Brittany Rezek should be ready to move into their newly completed home within the next couple of weeks according to Kevin Sobieck Brittany Rezek's father. Sobieck who worked tirelessly on the home in the town of Eaton for the last 4 months did most of the interior finishing work and spoke about the structure to this writer last night. Sobieck told of all the unique aspects of the home incorporating some the Rezeks favorite themes and styles in the finishing of the floors, fireplace and stairways. Sobieck even included one of his trademark styles in creating the "rebar railing" where rebar is used as spindles in stairways and railings  around the openings. Other notable trademarks include a sewing machine sink stand and a running board sink in the kitchen. Shopping for artifacts used in the home had been an ongoing sideline for Rezek for years before building began. 
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck enjoys a glass of wine after preparations conclude for Turkey Bowl