Interview with Javon Walker

It may be early to tell, but from all indications, the Packer's first round pick, Javon Walker, looks like the real deal.  He's busting out of the starting gate looking like a genuine football player; running routes correctly, catching the football, lining up behind the line of scrimmage,  -stuff like that.  Yeah, he looks like a player who should distinguish himself from the, all too lengthy, list of stinkers the Packers have taken for first rounders over the years.  Even Ron Wolf, with all his drafting prowess, had poor luck with first round picks. And the days before Wolf came to town?  Forget about it!

I had the chance last week to sit down with Javon Walker for a lengthy interview.

Q: Javon, when the packers moved up 8 spots to pick you with the 17th pick in the draft, was that a great feeling?
A: Yes.  And I would also just like to mention what a great feeling it is being interviewed by you, the great sports journalist,  S. Lyle OConnor.

Q: Bret Farve is known throughout the league as a QB with a major fastball.  Have you noticed that he throws the ball really hard?
A: Yes.  Hey, I can't believe some of the things you write in the KAM Report,  man that is some really awesome stuff you put out. 

Q: How does it feel to be practicing in the shadows of Lambeau Field, The famed "Frozen Tundra"?  ...Well,  I guess it's not really frozen right now, but...   Okay, let me rephrase the question.  How will it feel to be practicing in the shadows of Lambeau Field, the  "Frozen Tundra",  when later this year, ...maybe in late November or early December, when everything is like,  really...  ah... frozen?  Won't that be great?
A: Yes.  But to be playing near the home base of  S. Lyle OConnor, one of the greatest sports journalist in the history of sports,  that's what it's really all about.  Man, that is heady stuff. 

Q: Have you ever thought of starting you own company?  One that makes Scotch Whiskey, perhaps?   Javon Walker green and gold.  It would sell like crazy,  I"d bet ya.
A:  Yes,  that is great idea, S. Lyle OConnor.  Would you be the master fermenter and CEO?

Q:  Allot has been made of your score of 8 on the Wonderlick test.  Back when I played pro-ball, I scored a 3 1/2.  It always made me angry that the media failed to point out that, just like in golf and the "test your sex IQ"  in women's magazines, a lower score actually ranks higher!  Does that make you angry too?
A: Yes.  And speaking of your pro career,  you were really something!  The only Quarterback-Offensive Lineman-Receiver-Grounds Keeper in the history of the league.  This Cordell Steward, the so called "Slash" has nothing on you.  Your were the "Dash".  When I was growing up, I'd watch you, S Lyle OConnor toss the ball up, make a key block to protect you -the quarterback,  then run downfield and catch the ball for a touchdown!  And then, instead of some silly celebration,  you would go right to work with a broad rake and tidy up the end zone.  Man, plays like that inspired me to become a football player!  

Q: Some say that the Lambeau field renovation is lacking in some regards.  Some say it lacks "Bowlability".  Do you also feel that way?
A: Yes.  And by the way, I really enjoyed reading your informative article in the June edition of the KAM Report on that very same topic.

Q:  Javon, you are an attractive, athletic and beautifully sculpted man.  Could you drop in tonight, at my penthouse out in the countryside, for a few drinks and a private photo shoot?   I have this, frilly, pink chamel teddy, that you would look fantastic in.  
A:  Yes.  While it sure doesn't sound like anything I'd be into, any opportunity to work with a great sports journalist like you, S. Lyle OConnor, well,  I would be crazy not to do it. 

Authors Note: The interview when on for another hour, but it became quite embarrassing to have Javon constantly going on about me.  -About my pro football career, my career as a NASA scientist and now my lofty post as the KAM Report sports editor.  Therefore with  modesty in mind, I omitted the sections of the interview where I felt Javon became overly grandiose about yours truly, S. Lyle OConnor, sports journalist extraordinaire.