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June 3, 2001
Oneida Wi. - If you remember as I mentioned last week the Memorial day celebration was moved to Sunday for a better weather day. The weather was the usual Memorial day mixture of rain, mist, and overcast sky, but I think everyone had a good time anyway. There was plenty of good food and Tim pointed out that Bunky learned from his dad how to make NHL hamburgers. Probably about 25 People showed up and we had a campfire, however there were no songs or campfire stories told. Most people were content to listen Joanie make fun of the frog boys voice. No one was interested in making the trek over to the east side to see the Bodeens so most people waited for the fire works and then departed after that. Scott Stangel was a no show for this party.
    BJs Jeans and More was broken into and robbed on Tues. night with the perpetraiter getting some cash and two shirts. BJs is owned by Brandon and Jodee and opened in April.
Their brand new cash register was smashed in the ordeal and the guy cut himself on it when he did it. The police have it now, being kept for evidence and they are using a loaner for the time being.
Brandon and Jodee in front of BJ's Jeans
They had gone somewhere that night after closing time and left Jodees car there and when they returned about 11 PM Jodee saw the front door glass broken all over. Brandon not thinking immediately went in, this is when they think the guy made his getaway out the back door. The Police came and searched with dogs but found nothing. They knew he didn't get everything he wanted because near the back door was a small TV, they have for the store, with the cord all coiled and ready to go. He didnot take their first dollar taped to the wall behind, and he didn't mess up the store which could have meant a lot of work. Next door the Mayflower restaurant was open the whole time and they saw nothing.
    Brandon and Jodee were not the only ones to experience theft this last week. When Alex was at the Port Plaza Mall downtown last week his baseball jacket from the high school team with his name (Alex) on the front and on the back in big letters his last name was stolen from his car, along with his back pack that other items inside. Alex does work at the Mall in security and Thursday night saw a girl walking down the hall with his shirt on.
He called his partner and they stopped the girl who was about twelve years old. His partner asked the girl if her name was Alex to which she replyed no then asked if her last name was Pickett, to which she also replyed no. With that he then turned to Alex and said " say isn't your name Alex Pickett?" to which Alex replyed "yeeees it isssss isn't it"
Alex always on the lookout for stolen property
At that she was taken to their holding facility and the Police were called and the bag was searched. In the bag was a number of her items along with some pot. She of course says that she didn't take the items from the car and that her friend did, so the police took her and off to her friends house they went. We will follow this story for you and report the details as they come in.
    Today is of couse is the Oneida Firemens Picnic so if you have nothing planned come on out. Theres fun for all at the OFD.
    Next week is the Bellin Run and I'm not in very good shape for it yet. The farthest I can run without stopping is 3.5 Mi., and the race next week is 6.2 Mi. I'm really not in the shape I used to be when I was in the rodeo and used to ride those wild steers. I used to be particularly good at calf roping you know, I always had the best times of anyone on the circuit. After the shows myself and the boys used to step out for a couple of brews and the girls used to flock around me at the bar, it was tough to even get away from them, and they were so disappointed when I had to leave town for the next rodeo.
    I have not done much work on my new band the Meat Puppets, as I require many members to round out the band. I will play the shoe horn and slide whistle and sing some vocals, however I need a lead singer, drummer, lead guitar, base guitar, a keyboard man and some brass would be nice too. So if you know any musicians let them know that there's a possibility they could be a Meat Puppet.
    That's all for now see you next week.
June 13, 2001
Oneida Wi. - Last weeks OFD picnic seemed to be huge success even though the weather was not nice, but it didn't rain however. That I think would have been a picnic killer. Many people turned out to see the demos, and many firefighters came for water fights. The pedal tractor pulls brought in the usual pile of kids as well as some willing adult participants. By 7:30 PM everything was picked up and put away ready for next year.
    I have had response already on my talent search for the Meat Puppets, interest was expressed by an interested party who wouldn't leave their name but volunteered to play guitar and said that a relative would play keyboards. There's a lot more positions to fill if anyone else can help.
    It seems that one of our west coast readers of THE KAT AND MICK REPORT is furious over the smiling yellow face on the front page. He says that just the sight of it upsets him and sends him into a rage, and he asks that I remove it at once! I guess I wonder if the face has that same effect on everyone? If it does then let me know by voting on the poll at the bottom of the page.
If everyone is as irritated as our west coast readers I will terminate the life support for Mr. Smily.
You have a week to decide what to do, the poll will close Sat. June 16, 2001.
    The Bellin Run is over and I acheived both of my goals, the first was to run the entire race without
stopping, and the second was to come in under and hour, and I just barely made it at 58:47 minutes gun time 58:12 chip time. I placed at 2269 over all. The day was perfect for a race but there were minor sprinkles just before the start of the race, there were about 7,000 runners on hand for the event. Everyone got a medal and a t-shirt and the times are printed in the Sunday Green Bay Press Gazzette. I will publishing times on the party page so send em in and I'll get em on. Get more results at
    Doats departed for New York to attend a doll show and she will be in the big apple for a week, everyone watch the national news to see if you can spot her making trouble there somewhere.
Next Saturday is the graduation party for Alex, it's at Trixie's house and your all invited and it's from 3PM until ??? There will be food and refreshments and plenty of campfire stories to go around, and of course the music will be going in the garage. So pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and come on down. But sorry no alcohol for you if your under 21 years old or if your Zues.
The weather has been fair here this week and I predict that it will be better from now on. I think that the frost is out of the ground now and it should stay fairly warm. The last rain was Tuesday and there was a 10 minute shower today (Saturday).
    The girls had a rummage sale at Lola's house and they had many things for sale. I had put in a bid for Joel's alarm
clock but Lola said that it had too much sentimental value to sell. You see Joel would set the clock and have it close enough to Trixie to awaken her, or should I say startle her. It was one of those Big Ben clocks with the two bells on top and you know those are really LOUD. It did wake up Trixie, but she was sleeping on a bunk bed and tried to sit up slamming her head into the upper bunk. I suspect she did not get a good nights sleep that night.
    Write in if you have any news or if you want your time published on the party page from the Bellin Run. Don't forget the Meat Puppets, if you can play and instrument we want you.
    That's all for now, see you next week.
June 16, 2001
Oneida, Wi. - Friday night at Chicken Night turned out to be singles night at the food fest, with Joanie, Shelly and Myself attending without our spousal units. The Queen of Chicken Night was on hand for her subjects sporting a new crown, a toned down version of her large official crown for everyday use, I'm sure she will still use the big crown for special high profile events. As an interesting side note I found out from Joanie that Naomi at Cliff and Ceils plays saxaphone and may be able to play in the Meat Puppets.

    Now I find out that the name Meat Puppets has been taken by another band! I am shocked and truly saddened by this turn of events. Even though I have been thinking about this name for some time, I now think we might have to alter the name to the Meat Marionettes, what do you think. Thanks to Stephanie for pointing out this fact, Imagine my embarrasment when in the middle of the Turkey Bowl halftime performance the real Meat Puppets stand up in the audiance and begin shouting and heckeling our band. I can live with out that scene.
    We do have the final word on Mr. Smiley and he is going to stay much to the disappointment of our west coast reader who is enraged by it. In his e-mail of 6/2/01 he states "do us all a favor and get rid of the little bastard", to which I now reply that 78% of our readers are cheered up by Mr. Smiley and want him to stay, with 7 votes, while there is one vote for I don't give a damn 11%, and one vote for getting rid of him 11% (I think we all know who that is!) Thank you all for casting your vote.
    Saturday was Alex's party and what a party it was with a large number of people in attendance. There was music and fun for all and a campfire at night. There was a large amount of food, and that was almost all gone, and so was the beer. Zues (Sue Wenzel) went to the Kenny Rodgers concert and returned with a CD so of course we had to play a number of cuts from that for her. A lot of pictures were snapped and we will have those for you on the party page. Scott Stangel was in attendance and of course there was a small clash between her and Zues which started in the house and carried on through to the campfire. There was a little shower that came up in the afternoon and lasted for about an hour but that cleared up and the sky was clear by night time and there were many stars to see (I think many people are seeing some stars today.) There were a couple of volly ball games during the day but they were kept off of Poquette Field so as not to damage the turf for the Turkey Bowl.
She doesn't know what she can play that will fit good with the Meat Puppets style. I then explained to her that we have no style or class so just about anything goes. When all the band members are picked we will get together for a rehersal.
    Construction will start this week on new concrete in our garage and breezway, insulation will be placed under the floor for comfort in the winter and when the concrete in the garage is done the walls and ceiling will be insulated and drywall will be applied. This will be the new work space for the Kat, she will have her own litter box in there and a ball of string for when she wants to take a break. I think this is a good thing for her to be located there because I think that is where the mice get into our house and she can catch them before they get any further. I don't think she likes to eat them, she just plays with them and when there dead, she brings them in and lays them by where I'm sitting so that she knows I see them. She's very proud of that.
    Thats it for now see ya next week.
June 23, 2001
Oneida, WI. - The concrete project is done and is a big success, anthough it was quite a mess for a while the payoff is good with all new concrete in the breezway and the garage and a nice slab in front of the house and garage.
The job was done by Kurt Olson Concrete Construction and took only two days.
    Friday night Amy Sarah (Blakie's girl friend) and  Alana (Amy Sarah's friend) stopped in for a while before the Poisen concert scheduled at Pavillon Nights by the casino. Amy Sarah who was pumped about the concert, because Poisen is her all time favorite band, was consuming some pre concert beverages in an attempt to circumvent the high prices of the Pavillion Nights bar. Alana by her own admission is uneducated about music and bands, and who plays for what band  and  all that was somewhat ho hum about the concert just going along for the ride and ready to kick back and listen to some tunes.
They were here for about an hour and we had a good time with them, and then they had to get going so that they could get in line so that they could get up front seating. It's festival seating you know. I hope they had a good time.
    I had a nice Fathers Day this year with all three boys stopping in to say hello and spent the afternoon here and we all enjoyed a meal together. I also enjoyed receiving the Makita Power Planer and the Microsoft Train Simulator software as gifts.
    This week Friday June 29 th. is the benefit for Marie so if you can get there at all stop in for a drink and some food and buy some raffle tickets, or put a bid in on the silent auction. It is at Cliff and Ceils at the big hall and it will be the Ultimite Chicken Night, with Queen Jean Poquette Hansen in attendance. For more information click on BENEFIT.
    Rockfest is less then a Month away now and I think I have a faint smell of the port-a-poddies already!  I'm looking forward to seeing Bad Company and Ted Nugent (Sweatty Uncle Teddy.) Hey does anybody know anyone who has one of those TAD Nugent Tee shirts that they had on That Seventys Show ? It would be great to have at the fest. You never know who will stand out in your mind after the show and what talent turned out to be really enjoyable. Many times it's not who you expect such as last year when the band War was on the bill. This forgotten about band left a big impression on my mind and they were the "sleeper hit of the fest" as far as I was concerned. Performing their songs LOW RIDER and CISCO KID just as they did when they were released and played on the radio. There's a lot of great bands coming again this year, and there is and up to date list on the PARTY PAGE.
    July is coming up in just about a week here and if you want your birthday on the birthday corner get a photo of your self and your birthdate to the publishing headquarters of the The KAT AND MICK REPORT. You can electronicaly mail it to me by hitting the button below, or drop it of in person at out palatial facilities, or even drop it in the U.S. Mail. What ever way you choose get it here this week.
    We are still searching for band members for the Meat Marionettes, don't worry there is only one gig and it's halftime at the Turkey Bowl so it won't eat up a lot of your time. That's it for now see ya next week