The comprehensive, can't be wrong, all-inclusive, sure fire, Green Bay Packers, 2003 NFL draft predictions.
1st Round
(29th pick)  The Packers will likely use this pick to help Brett Farve.  Perhaps with a backup quarterback that he can groom as his replacement.  Or someone who can run, block, catch or tackle. A special team's standout is also a possibility.
2nd  Round.
(62nd pick)  [To Philadelphia for the Al Harris trade]  Unless something happens with a trade or something look for the packers to NOT pick someone in this round.
3rd  Round. 
(94th pick) Traditionally, this is a good round for the packers.  They will probably use this pick to select a football player who has not yet been picked by any of the other teams.

This usually is the last pick of the day, so the party really kicks into high gear.  Tequila, helium and horse tranquilizers are the inebriates of choice in most NFL war rooms.  However each team has its own variations.  Like the Minnesota Vikings for example, their war room is supplied with a large punch bowl filled with cough syrup and vodka.  Not to be outdone, the Chicago Bears are partial to tranquilizer darts.  With the McCaskey clan being the sole proprietors of the dart guns, all others are (willing) prey.  And in our most recent glory year(s), Ron Wolf has been known to pull out "Big Vince", -- a six-foot tall green and gold water bong.  With Mike Holmgrem providing the herb, a good time was had by all. ***   Ah, I'm getting off the subject, were was I?

4th  Round
(127th pick) I see the Packers taking the best athlete on the board.  Probably, someone who is fast, or strong, or can hold on to a football really well.  Perhaps someone who excels at running away from people who are trying to tackle them.  Or maybe they have the ability to throw, or perhaps kick a football for a real long distance.
5th  Round 

(165th pick)     The fifth round!  Pick number five!  The penta-pick!  'Nuff said 'bout that.

6th  Round
(185th pick) [From Washington for Matt Bowen]  With this, the 185th pick, the Packers are sure to pick the 185th player chosen in this year's NFL draft.

(203rd  pick) By this time, the GM's and coaches are staring to get a pretty good buzz on from all the pre-draft parties they have attended on this, the second day of the draft.  Sometimes they can even forget to make their picks.  They often cover-up this oversight with the universal "oops, we forgot our pick" catch phrase:   "Given up for past considerations."

(212th pick)  [Compensatory Selection] Look for the Packers to use this pick to compensate for the loss of several free agents in 2002.   

7th Round   
(244th pick)  In this round, scouts and coaches will talk about a player's deceiving speed (he's slow), or his excellent strength for his size (a muscle-bound shrimp), or great work habits (a no-talent with big determination).  For every hundred chunks of coal, you can find a diamond.  A good example is "what's his name", that ex-packer who plays in St Louie's offensive line.
(253rd pick)  [Compensatory Selection] Look for the Packers to use this pick to compensate for the loss of several free agents in 2002.

(256th pick)  [Compensatory Selection] Look for the Packers to use this pick to compensate for the loss of several free agents in 2002.

(257th pick)  [Compensatory Selection] Look for the Packers to use this, their final pick in this year's draft, to  TA-DA!!!!  Compensate for the loss of several free agents in 2002.

*** Note to all!!!!. 
'Specially kids.  Sure it would great to be a NFL executive.  Therefore you may think that they would be a great role model to base your life upon. Jesus!  Please pick your role models from a better, more wholesome type of folk.  Like Ozzy or Marlin Manson, or perhaps the nice lady who picks up all the soda cans people toss in your neighborhood streets.  You may get the notion that since all the NFL management uses drugsthen perhaps drugs may be ok!  Wrong!  Drugs and alcohol can, and will, ruin your life.  Total garbage.  You have to remember these are professionals.  And this is their one big weekend.  Their WOODSTOCK!  After draft day, all the bongs, dart guns, and horse tranqs get put away.  It's a once a year thing.  Don't be mistaken into thinking that football management will party like this, year round.  No way, it's not even possible.  They would be dead!  For 99% of NFL management  After draft day, it's total abstinence.  The Vikings seem to be the sole exception to that rule.

One thing, I will add.   Until you understand this one simple fact: That the collage draft is THE major party weekend for NFL management, the workings and dealings of the NFL draft will remain a puzzling mystery to you. 

In summation, unless you're in a NFL war room on draft day, it is simply a very bad idea to use drugs and alcohol for recreational purposes. A bad and dangerous idea.  I want to be clear about this.  Hey, a little cough syrup is okay, if your mum gives it to you for the sniffles, but DO NOT be like the Vikings, and drink it by the cup full.  Shit, you could end up with Randy Moss living in your house. 

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