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July 1, 2001
Oneida WI. - The big news to report this week is the Marie Krohn Benefit and it's success. The Friday night event was attended by large number of people with the final count between 550 and 600 people. The event was held at Cliff and Ceils and the staff there was caught off guard behind the bar of which I had first hand expirience with, not being able to get a drink and walking away from the bar empty handed several times. A large Amount of merchandise was donated for the event for the silent auction, the oral auction, and the drawings. Aside from that a 50/50 ticket event was held with the winner winning half of the money in the pot and the other half going to Marie's fund. Shelly and Joel ran that project, while Jean Poquette Hansen and Trixie Sobieck and Marie's daughter Holly were selling cards to draw for a prize. As a matter of fact the entire family was pressed into service in some way either through donations or working at the event. The only one who attended  and did neither is Zues who's only contribution was to shine a lazer pointer into my eyes during the oral auction, causing tempory blindness. Luckly she missed Johnny Gray who was the auctioneer, but unfortunatly the brunt of the abuse was bore by myself. This sence-less act  that caused great anguish angered me greatly and almost drove me to violence. I was able to control my rage by imagining that Zues was just an animal who didn't know any better and like a monkey had a new toy it could play without regard for anyone else.
By telling myself that Zues could be compared to an uncontrolled, mindless monkey who found a dangerous weapon, I was able to keep my composure and not wring her scrawney neck. Lucky this was near the end of the event, because I don't know how long I would have been able to keep that up. I fear that if this situation would have went on much longer that,
the lazer pointer in question would have disappeared without leaving the pocession of Zues however the beam would shine on the wall every time she bent over. Anyway a couple more details about the benefit, the MC was Marti Spittell Zeigalbaur who you all may remember as a news person for channel 11 and was then simply Marty Spittell. Former Green Bay Packer Johnny Gray who works at Syble Hopp School  conducted the oral auction, and they both worked together on the drawings for the big prizes.
    Next Saturday July 7 will be the day for Alissa and Kevins party in Oconto. It will be a BYOB (bring your own bottle) party and it starts at 3 P.M. and goes until dawn. The address is 410 Fifth st. Oconto.
    David Lee Roth and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are the last two acts announced for Rockfest July 19 through July 22. Even though I,m not a big fan of David Lee Roth, I think he will probably will put on a good show. Joan Jett (who weighs about 65 lbs. soaking wet) always puts on a good show. After Rockfest this year I will publish a critique of all the bands performing, a complete line up can be seen on the partypage as well a new photos from the graduation party.
    Thats it for now, see ya next week.
July 8, 2001
Oneida WI. - I don't know if you have heard the rumors yet but if you have heard that the KAT AND MICK REPORT is entering the space race you may stop wondering now. We here at the KAT AND MICK REPORT have entered the space age and plan to put a man in space by the end of the year. I thought about starting by first launching a monkey into space, and if you read last weeks column you know that I already had a source for the monkey. However I have decided to move right on to the man in space concept. The vehicle will be launched from my back yard, and mission control will be in the back corner of the basement. I plan to first have the man visit the moon to retrieve that L.E.M. thing that was left there in the sixtys as that will come in handy for my man when he lands on Mars.
The L.E.M. will also be useful when we excavate for our new Mars office of the KAT AND MICK REPORT. From the Mars office we hope to receive reports of coming and going meteors as well as adventure stories and some great anecdotes from the Martians. We don't know what kind of internet services are available on Mars yet, but we hope to be as popular on the Mars net as we are here.  To do this we will have to acquire Mars corespondents to reports for us there. If you have reletives or know someone on Mars who would be interested let me know.
    The figures are in and a big Thank You is in order for you if you contributed to the Marie Krohn Benefit. The Benefit raised between 45 and 50 thousand dollars, and it is considered to be a huge success.
    I visited The Fat Club meeting this past week and got a few tid bits to share from that. Here they are in the order they were discussed:
    1.  Scott Tremel started his tractor on fire while hauling            debres to the fire he had going. He was able to put it           out and no damage was done.
    2.  Amy Sarah disclosed that she has a intestinal
         disorder which causes a severe bowel reaction when
         she drinks coffee. Therefore she was only offered
         water or soda.
    3.  Jean Poquette Hansen was reminiscent of her days
         as the family pet undertaker, and the great amount             of time she spent making crosses as markers, or if             times were good she would have drywall to fashon              into grave stones.
    4.  An intense need has been discovered for a popcorn             machine to be used at parties, and the call is                     going out for people to share in the expense, for                  which in return you will have the opportunity to use
         the machine for your party. The cost is around
         $470.00, so if we get ten people the cost per person
         is under $50.00. If interested contact the writer by
         e-mail or by phone.
    The Sunday publication of The Kat and Mick Report will be on hiatus the weekend of July 21-22 due to my trip to Rock Fest. I know it's a dirty job to spend four days listening to non stop rock and roll, eating, and drinking, but I'm only doing it for you people so I can report back to you on what is going on in Cadot. Look for the newsletter to come out that week on Tuesday or Wed. A complete report on Rockfest will come at a later date.
    Thats it for now, see ya next week.
July 15, 2001
Oneida WI. - Friday the 13th. held a medium turn out at chicken night for the Cliff and Ceils Bar. Attending was Jean Poquette Hansen "The Queen", James,Ben, Kevin and Trixie along with Brittany, Joanie and Timm, Timm's friend Andy, The Kat and me, and Marie. Naomi took to crossing off the Linnies logo from the bottle and writing Killians to please me. It didn't work. Everyone was happy, and well fed when we left.
About a year ago, last August, Lance (Eato) was playing with something on the deck that contained some small beads, of which he also played with. I was working outside and soon he came to me and said that he stuffed a bead up his nose and couldn't get out.
I looked up his nose and so did Kat and even with a flashlight, and still we found nothing. We told Peggy about it and she also saw nothing. Now this past week Lance was suffering from the effects of a kanker sore in his mouth.
    Bunky was applying their standard cure for that, which is peroxide, on the affected area. Lance was having a hard time with the treatment and was very out of control, when he must have snorted and the bead came out. Up to this point we all thought he had made up the story of the bead, we now know that he was telling the truth.
    We may be changing Kevin Sobiecks name to Mr. Wonderful, we still need to discuss this more however.
    Stephanie Prevost was stopped and ticketed for speeding this past week and she is to pay a healthy $150.00 fine. Alex was also stopped and received only a warning.
    I learned at chicken night Friday that Equil the sugar suppliment gives Jean Poquette Hansen, the "Queen of Chicken Night,"  a headache. I said to her that I'm no doctor but I don't think it's in her best interest to keep ingesting that.
    I was not at Kevin and Alissa's party but from all reports it was a success, and we also were told that Scott Stangel attended. After large amounts of alchol were ingested it seems that Scott and Jean Poquette Hansen made a pact with the devil. To be more accurate Jean Poquette Hansen will be impregnated with the seed of Scott (considered to be the devil.) It is unknown when this will happen but we do know that it will happen by artificial insemination. When we find out the date this will happen, THE KATAND MICK REPORT will be there to bring you the details. Unless of course this turns out to be a hoax, of which we will then bring you the details of that.
    I attended the Brewer game last night with some friends and got to see the new Miller Park, and what a sight it is. The Brewers lost the game with errors in the eigth inning, but what a sight to see the new stadium and to be able to see the roof open and close.
    Don't forget that next weeks newsletter will be delayed due to Rock-Fest, MMMMMM I can smell those portapoddies now. Look for it Tues. or Wed. of the following week. Thats it for now see ya next week.
July 24, 2001
Oneida, WI. - KAT AND MICK WEB-SITE TEMPORARILY DOWN.  Thousands of people were without news from THE KAT AND MICK REPORT  for six days from July 18th. to July 23rd. due to software changes at the Homestead host service for this web-site. Changes were made to the home page on the 18th. and were to be uploaded to the Homestead files when the service cut off the connection and the changed files went to limbo. The files were unable to be accessed even to publish the old page before changes, therefore we were off the air as it were until Homestead was able to put the stuff back that they stole from here.
    Of course the only news I have to report this week is from Rockfest, and there's plenty of it, but I won't bore you people who don't attend with a lot of details about the music. I will of course mention that our neighbors accross the street from our campsite were hauled away by the Police for domestic violence. It seems due to a disagreement with a couple of people in our campsite, the female occupant of the violent camp, took to violence after a night of arguments and rage. She was seen hitting her husband in full view of all the neighbors and all passer bys.
The male occupant never struck back and only attempted to keep her away from himself. When the Police arrived they took both parties in and the male occupant returned shortly while the female occupant went to the cop shop for booking and received a court date. Later she arrived home and she packed up and left while still barking at the male spousal unit. All the people in the camp sites around cheered when she left, and he then packed up the camp and left himself.
    The trip to and from Cadot went off without a hitch and Clean (Colleen) did a wonderful job of driving with everyone having a good time (at least on the way up) in the Clean Machine. The trip home was somber with everyone wishing it wouldn't be over and talking about what we are going to do different next year at the campsite. Clean upgraded her ticket for next year and is in row 3 of our section. She was also lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and received an invitation from Jackel to go on stage with him (along with about 50 other girls) for the chain saw song.
She got a big kick out of it and couldn't believe that she was standing on stage with the performers. Our neighbor girl, Leah was also selected to go on stage at the same time.
Of course it was very hot there and the wells on site went dry, so water usage was limited for showers to just a few hours a day and drinking water was limited as well.
All in all everyone had a good time and many people from our camp are returning next year. Photos from the Fest will be posted here on the party page soon and if anyone has any good ones from there, e-mail or send them to me for publication.
    In other news Katelin had her tonsils removed and is doing well.
    Sorry for the short letter this week but I have to get next weeks ready, thats it for this week, see ya.
July 29, 2001
On Saturday July 28th a company picnic was held for the employees of the Packerland Packing Co. at Pamperin Park. Kevin and Trixie Sobieck, Meggan Krueger (Megadeath), Jean Poquette Hansen, Ashley Hansen, Jim and Mary Brick, The Kat, and myself were all pressed into service as carnaval workers to entertain the masses of Packerland. Kevin assembled the stage he built, and hauled prizes that were won to peoples cars, while Trixie worked in the game tent filling balloons and running games.
The Kat, Jim, Mary, and myself filled balloons all day, while Princess Jean Poquette Hansen ran games in the tent. Ashley and Megadeath were practicing their clown skills all day and busy passing out balloons and handing out candy to children. All of us were commissioned by Marie Krohn for the party, and worked all day. Kevin, and Trixie, The Kat, and Jean Poquette Hansen, have been doing this for the past twenty years while this was the first time for me, as well as Jim, and Mary, and Megadeath. The company gave away a number of great prizes as well as a brand new Jeep Cheorkee which was won by a security guard at Packerland who did not have an automobile and had to be taken to work by his parents. There are so few times in life where things work out so well. When the picnic was over all the people listed went out to dinner with the exception of myself because I had to go to work. The Kat ducked out early after dinner while Kevin and Trixie and Princess Jean Poquette Hansen partied on late into the evening.
    Sunday Sept. 2, 2001 will be the day for the Labor Day celebration at Kat and Mick's. We will have a cook out and there will be a meeting for the cheerleaders at 1 PM, the regular people are to come at 3 PM.
Negotiations are underway to secure KISS as one of the half time acts at the Turkey Bowl this year. I have been talking to one of their agents in Langes Corners about just how much beer is needed to get them to perform on Thanksgiving Day. As soon as I have confirmation of the performance I will post it on THE KAT AND MICK REPORT. It will be great for the Meat Marionettes to open for KISS.
It will certainly be a show to remember.
    That's it for this week, see yah.